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Joe Riis  National Geographic Fellow & photographer // storyteller & wildlife biologist // Yellowstone Migrations

Loud and strong for the wild planet on this earth day! The sage steppe community in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem - mule deer, pumas, and sage grouse call it home and know each other well. Turn up the volume for these wild ones, and let their voices be heard. 🎤#beyondyellowstone @natgeo

In honor of Earth Day, signed prints of Earth’s wildlife and wild places from @natgeocreative photographers are on sale now. Visit the link in my profile to see the full collection of images. Sale ends at midnight on April 28th.

Gratitude and love for the most amazing and loving human in my world. So looking forward to spending the rest of my life with her.

Take a the link in my profile. Latest essay by @arthurmiddleton in todays @nytimes op-ed. Very nice job Arthur!
Here, a juvie bald eagle takes a look at my camera while standing on a pronghorn that died during its migration, i’m guessing of hypothermia, it got caught between a log and a rock in a fish habitat structure. And the cycle of life continues. #yellowstonemigrations @insidenatgeo #beyondyellowstone

Seems like all of us are on the move, just like every living thing on this planet. Like this young black bear, in search of food or maybe something else that I have never heard of or imagined. But I know what a fresh blanket of snow feels like. #yellowstonemigrations #beyondyellowstone

@rickridgeway walking the path of the pronghorn migration in Wyoming. He just joined Insta so give him a follow if you want a taste of the real deal old school. #yellowstonemigrations

Like a heartbeat, pronghorn pulse in and out of protected areas during their migration to find the resources they need. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and all the wild things. @natgeo #yellowstonemigrations #beyondyellowstone

Elk on winter range in Wyoming on a crisp February evening. Elk migration project with ecologist @arthurmiddleton and @natgeo #yellowstonemigrations

Horse day on elk trails. #yellowstonemigrations

#YellowstoneMigrations book, a few of my favs here. The pronghorn fence photo, a fleeting moment that is engrained in my brain forever. And the photo of a 3week old elk calf following its mother up the mountain on its first migration, a photo I worked on for 2 years. Both photos highlight wild animals on the move, and the kind of work that I love to make. @natgeo @braidedriver

Proud to share with this community the release of my first book Yellowstone Migrations. It chronicles my 10yr journey with the migrations of animals in the greater Yellowstone, specifically the pronghorn, mule deer, elk, and the predators that depend on them. This has been a project that I could have never imagined, a dream adventure into the wild heart of America.
#YellowstoneMigrations is published by Mountaineers Books @braidedriver, a nonprofit. The book starts shipping next week, link to purchase in my bio....20% off coupon code "pronghorn" for the bargain shoppers out there!! #mom

Snows and blues moving north for the upcoming summer, in the constant search for food. Working together and making it work. I love the sounds of wings and honks in the air, early spring sounds. #birdmigration

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