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Joe Putignano  Best selling Author of Acrobaddict, Cirque du Soleil Performer, Broadway Performer, EMT, Tattoo Collector, Personal Trainer and engaged to @ptjoshb

Mourning morning "Then naked, half-awake, about to shave and go to work, And I'm starting to think it could happen to me like it did to you...And I'm starting to actually feel it seep through the slick divide now...I don't crack the door too far for anyone who's pushing too hard on me." Liz Phair #joeputignano #acrobaddict

“Hope” is the thing with feathers, That perches in the soul, And sings the tune without the words, And never stops... at all." I'm going to NYC to see my baby @ptjoshb after I finish school today❤️🖤🐺❤️🔥🦋 Emily Dickinson #joeputignano #acrobaddict

Finally got an awesome pair of scrubs that fit from @benefit_inc Check em out! Finding good scrubs is like winning the lottery!❤️💀 #joeputignano #acrobaddict

Last hours of 39..."Holy water cannot help you down, Hours and armies couldn't keep me out, I don't want your money, I don't want your crowd
See I have to burn🔥....Your kingdom down!! Holy water cannot help you now, See I've had to burn your kingdom down, And no rivers and no lakes can put the fire out, I'm gonna raise the stakes, I'm gonna smoke you out!!🐰. Florence and the machine #acrobaddict #joeputignano

Well...I turn 40 this Wednesday...🦋. "Time, time, time, See what's become of me, While I looked around, For my possibilities...I was so hard to please."💀🔥🦋🐺 Simon & Garfunkel #joeputignano #acrobaddict

The keeper of my mangled heart ❤️🖤💀🐺. #joeputignano #acrobaddict

To those I love: if I have been impatient, unresponsive, moody, depressed, or wicked fuckin angry...I apologize. Even though I grew up in Boston once upon a time, I havent lived here in over 21 years, and going to a new city, doing an accelerated nursing program, and trying to commute in an uncommutable city is beyond stressful. This nursing program has eaten every shred of time I have, and it has made me stressed beyond belief. I do love the actually (nursing) part; and if you know me, you know I really do love helping people (because someone helped me once when I didnt deserve it and was utterly broken). So, if I cant answer a text, facebook or ig message; chances are im studying for 3 exams in a row. I am working on this and I sincerely apologize. Those who are closest to me know, I have very powerful anger issues (blame it on a life of violence), but Ive worked so hard to find new ways to cope. Ive come so far from the angry Boston trash I used to be, but...sometimes (during extreme stress) that old demon inside of me steps fourth. If I have offended any of you, been short tempored or hostile...I am so sorry. I truly, truly mean this #joeputignano #acrobaddict

Back in Boston, and already missing @ptjoshb "Take me, break me, Tell me a good one and maybe I'll cry, Go with me, show me, Tell me a good one and maybe I'll die..Lately I've been dancing in ceiling fans, Circled in secrets, playing a game
Well I know it sounds strange but it could be the other way...Round to a town where they don't know your name" Butthole Surfers #acrobaddict #joeputignano

@ptjoshb is always telling me that, "I'm wicked Boston." Yeah, I was born in Brockton, MA and my accent is thick (not much in this vid and I'm trying to not choke on popcorn 🍿) lol. Im always telling Josh, even though Im sobah, 5.0's are always startin shit with me. I didnt realize til after this moment, thats it probably my wicked Boston potty mouth that always gets me into trouble. I think everyone who knows me knows I got a wicked tempah!😡. 😵💀☠️Lol Boston's Finest!!! #joeputignano #acrobaddict

Apparently, trying to advertise my occupation to pay for my education is "cheap" and I am "less" of a person. I guess it is better to starve and drop out of school than work my ass off and fight to make money? Seriously, what is "wrong" with people? Not everyone has rich parents or gets financial aid (I got zero); so some of us turn into MEN and grab the bull by the horns, knowing we will do whatever it goddamn takes to succeed and follow our dreams. Very very sad state of affairs when those of a younger generation send so many negative messages to me for fighting for my dreams. CONTEMPT prior to investigation is the worst kind of ignorance #acrobaddict #joeputignano Shot by the beautiful @iamlarryhamilton

Still working my butt off in the accelerated nursing program, but Im doing massage therapy on the (weekends in Boston or in NYC (at Transform Fitness) when Im there); to help pay for the hefty cost of tuition and books. Let me know if you are interested and send me a dm. Its a regular (spiritual, muscular trigger point massage), its not a sexual massage (nothing wrong with that if thats what you want, but thats not what I do:). Contact me if interested and I also have a gofund me here for college: #joeputignano #acrobaddict shot by the incredible @joeeveephotography

I would happily give my own life for this man @ptjoshb The love I feel for him is indescribable, and Ive never met anyone who has loved all aspects of me: the good, bad, dangerous and ugly. We have found the place here in Salem, MA where we will get married; at The Old Burying Point Cemetery. What more could a man like me ask for? Witches, death,❤️🖤💀☠️ #joeputignano #acrobaddict

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