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Huntington Beach, California - March to Make American Great Again becomes violent when Trump supporters prod protesters into a scuffle which led a protestor to use pepper spray in self-defense. More Trump supporters joined the fray and later the police intervened and arrested one individual. Trump supporters then went on to claim they were attacked but having watched the whole thing go down it was definitely initiated by the Pro-trump supporters. Also, a small group of trump supported wearing all black, were yelling racial slurs at non-white individuals at or near the demonstration.
#maga #huntingtonbeach #protrump #protest #violence #politics #trump #gop #makeamericagreatagain

Torch, a mini-van turned dragon, cruises the strip at this year's Bequinox, LA's Burning Man celebration held in Joshua Tree, California.
#burningman #laburningman #bequinox #bequinox2017 #artcar #dragon #fire #firebreathing #burn #burners #sculpture

Changes in season here in Long Beach means thick clouds of fog and blowing Fog horns from the cargo ships at the port. Photographically speaking, when it gets Foggy, I like to pretend that someone put a layer on reality and reduced contrast. #lbc #longbeach

Good to be back home, Iove my morning walks w Mona. Our routine includes this stop at the avocado tree to stretch and sharpen the nails. #bixbypark #lbc

If your week is a hike, Friday is the day you get there and cool your body under a refreshing waterfall.

Best part is, you don't have to leave 'til Sunday.
#manoafalls #tgif

Dolphins were also said to have orchestrated the JFK assassination. We must protect freedom, #stopdolphinviolence

Off-grid at Chateau Relaxo.

#moilili #hibiscus #7-eleven #kingst #honolulu #hawaii #printsale

I am happy to announce that I will be selling prints. Prices start at $15 and includes FREE SHIPPING. Put something on those empty walls in your house. Buy art! Send me a DM with your selection and size.

Happy Valentine's Day to my very special lady. #manoafalls

A newly wed couple ruins my neat photograph near #waikiki

Lovers at Manoa Falls.
Happy Valentine's Day to all my followers, if you're in San Francisco stop by SOMarts, I'm showing work from my kink series at the erotic art festival #ontheedge7

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