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Through it all <3

When the city you live in don't feel like home, every day is a struggle. When your heart, mind and dreams are somewhere else, and everything else just becomes sad and ridden with anxiety. That's when you know that it's probably time to start thinking about moving on. Go where you want to, be where you want to be. This is my reality right now, but unfortunately, I still don't feel the this is the right moment to quit my job and start over. Even though I really want too. Six more months, and I'm out of here!

It's called Jet Black Heart. Guess why? #brewdog #jetblackheart

Annandagspajen ^^

Kvällsunderhållning :D #tickettorideeurope

Promenad med familjen :)

David Batra en onsdagskväll!

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