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I’m reminded in moments like these, of why we came to New York City, and why every moment between life and death is an ocean of opportunity begging to be owned as freely as it is given, if only to be freely given away—whatever the cost—for others to know life itself is a gift. It strikes me as no coincidence that the release of this book should coincide with a moment like this. I’m forever grateful to have shared moments owned and freely given as if it’s our last with the guy who’s blood runs deep through the pages of this book! Because it’s His life embodied in the mere ink pressed into these pages—and I’m also grateful for Carl for writing a book about how THAT guy’s blood owns every moment, for all of time, for all mankind and forever after that. #otm grateful for you too @carllentz #NYC

my everything in one. 🙏❤️✌️🌎🌈🎉🕺🏻❤️

This guy is already killing it, and only just getting started. Super humble and set for greatness. The future is bright brother! Small steps becoming giant leaps—on and off the pitch! #YNWA @divockorigi 🌎🙏🏆

Happy birthday you beautiful man.

This quote sums up this man. Both are paramount to what has inspired me these last 6 years. @jimhoagnyc is a mirror of who Jesus is. The highest compliment I could imagine for anyone, and it's deeper and wilder than any faint remnant of hyperbole. His life has truly inspired me in word and action. I would encourage anyone to go through his instagram posts as a microcosmic snapshot of a life lived dangerously larger. One of the great misnomers of today's Church is the illusion of platform. Jim was a living stone example of what the true foundation of our faith is. Like Peter, flawed and unapologetically so, in an honesty and transparent vulnerability to prove trustworthy on the rock solid premise of who Jesus is. Thank you Jim for living the Kingdom on earth, and long may it inspire many to do the same until we're all breathing the same pure Kingdom air you are dancing in now. Soon and very soon. Love you @bobbihoagnyc2la @nickff may his legacy run ever deeper wider. ❤️🙏🌎

The wonder cover we left behind (with approximately 100 Billion others)—but grateful to @ncahyadi @nicholasdellis @renaebartley @noodlescott @nathanielredekop @jamintasker @argaet and all the creatives who persevered through all our rambling wandering and wondering to land on something that felt right—the process is always more valuable than the outcome. At least that's what we keep telling ourselves ✌️🙏❤️#w🌏nder

Two favorite guys right here. The one on the left is speaking all day @hillsongnyc ---SO IF YOU'RE IN NYC GET THERE. The one on the right is being batman all day✌️

Came back to our car tonight to this—without the people, which is nice—but take those people away, and there goes the wonder. For real, I don't have words to say how much those in this pic, and many others who are absent have given of themselves, their lives, their gifts, and their love to this little @hillsongunited thing... don't get me started on the bigger @hillsong church thing.. I love them so much it's weird to even say, cause it feels small. Just super grateful in so many ways for people—because it's the people you do life with, in every way, but especially in view of a purpose bigger than any of us, and the sum of all our parts, that make it wonderful. #superannoyingtakingalltheballoonsoff #w🌏nder

Midnight tonight ❤️🌎🙏

Less than 48hrs till #w🌏nder drops. And I can't wait—because I believe the songs are needed. The world is full of great music, like the world is full of beautiful people, and people who need to know there is more beauty in them, and more beauty bursting through the chaos of all the worlds problems than we could ever dare to fully imagine. But art, and music, and the goodness of God is a mechanism designed by God to give us a confession, and a soul unlocking perspective to what gets lost in the smoke show. New songs are our little way of trying to reflect the incomprehensible beauty of God hidden in plain sight—here and now—There's four songs already available, but the best is yet to come—🙏🌎❤️

Just dropped another song from #w🌏nder -- it's called Shape Of Your Heart—to me, the entire narrative of God as given us in the Word is a story of revealing His nature—above all else, as One who was, and is and ever will be LOVE. "For God so LOVED the world"..... the picture of His heart for us is demonstrated in the paradoxical image of the cross. Jesus—the Word made flesh embracing the deep of death, so that the deep in us—our heart, might come alive in a hope and second air life, that values what he values—that means the planet—and it means all eight billion people living in it. I pray we live in a way reflective of His. One that sees the value in not putting ourselves first, but finds greatness in serving the least of these. Everything I am, and desire to do flows out of the revelation of what Jesus did for the 'least of these' in me. Check out the song—available wherever ya like to get your music. ✌️🙏❤️🌎


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