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And then..... this happened! The most beautiful of days, amongst the most wonderful of people, celebrating the most Phenomenal of occasions.. and so say all of us! #photosbyallmyfriends

THERE IS MORE. I’d have posted a picture of dad’s book cover, but far as I’m concerned.. this pic says it better...and because... Look at them legs! says it all... and because who knew them very legs would go so far, tread the path less travelled so well for so long, and lead many, many more by hand along the way than anyone could have dared imagine back when... such is my dad, and the nature of God... and I for one am more than grateful... so yeah, dad’s just released a book I believe is by far and away his most significant yet.. it’s incredibly well written, and full of all the same meat and bone, spirit-wisdom he’s lived a lifetime making applicable to the everyday realities of life—wherever you find yourself on the spiritual spectrum.. or whatever sphere you occupy... there is more.. @brianchouston love ya mate

Tried really hard to get a decent family shot, because.... God, I love them... and this about sums us up @estherhouston @ziwhoo

Kid Z, dominating his other-other home

Rollin’ wit Little Jagger @ziwhoo

Can only imagine the reception this champion is getting by the countless souls he told the Story to... 99 well done, eternity to come. Thank You, Sir. 1918-2018——> #billygraham

Forever my ❤️, my valentine, and my favourite ever after that. Love you @estherhouston xox

This is my friend Ben. He embodies quality in everything he does. Super talented, dedicated, and faithful to his gift, his family, the church, and anyone fortunate enough to call him a friend. He won a Grammy last night for a song he wrote with @brookeligertwood that deserves all the accolades, because it was so purely written to give accolade to the only name that counts—and because if ‘Heart’ is to be rewarded! No one deserves it more. So proud to be a witness @ben_fielding —love you brother. Just the beginning.........and, massive love and congratulatory honor to @k_fielding as well.. obviously, because you’re the boss! Love

This is my dearest friend brooke.. she is one in eight billion. This little pic personifies her, because she just won a trophy, and this is who she is.. So thankful to bear witness tonight to what was very special. And to all our @hillsong people. This is yours.. x

Happiest of birthdays to the most cool of all mumma bears... love you with all my heart x @bobbiehouston

Happiest of birthday celebrations in order for the love of my life. She continues to blow me away with Superwoman style and boundless (wife to me and mother to Zi) grace, and I for one am sure grateful God had it she was born this day thirty two years ago—and also....because, Zi! Love you @estherhouston xoxo May I have this dance? X

I’m reminded in moments like these, of why we came to New York City, and why every moment between life and death is an ocean of opportunity begging to be owned as freely as it is given, if only to be freely given away—whatever the cost—for others to know life itself is a gift. It strikes me as no coincidence that the release of this book should coincide with a moment like this. I’m forever grateful to have shared moments owned and freely given as if it’s our last with the guy who’s blood runs deep through the pages of this book! Because it’s His life embodied in the mere ink pressed into these pages—and I’m also grateful for Carl for writing a book about how THAT guy’s blood owns every moment, for all of time, for all mankind and forever after that. #otm grateful for you too @carllentz #NYC

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