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sorry i terpaksa lucut jawatan i sebagai president of #datinserirosmahmansorfanclub ...sbb susah nak recruit members...jadi i kena tumpukan tugas utama saya sebagai semualah kepada the #bediful @daphneiking yg #vlog nya sedang mendadak gegarverganza!! so pls #subscribedaphneiking on #youtube to follow her next vlog in the USofA

bila @vivyyusof pakai cantik tak semesti ko pakai cantik #thinkaboutit

dear @dreamworld_playland sorry to be the bearer of bad news but ure play area has exposed nut and steel beams which may pose a danger to kids especially toddlers. PLS rectify this IMMEDIATELY before an accident happens and a lawsuit comes ure way! pls dont let the daydream becomes a NIGHTMARE #starlingmall

always a #bediful time to be back in KK. and dad's 1 year death anniversary is cant be more memorable with the kungfu kick to one of the guest and the issue of being stuck in the mud! but my most favorite has to be mum's story of helping this male dachshund..ahem! 'mount' a much taller bitch! its not that this short dog has high hopes that did it for me...its my mum being an expert in 'doggie-style' that i cannot tahan man!

everyone who knows me, i am very apolitical, i will NEVER be active in any political party. Election time, i will vote who i believe can do best for #negaraku #malaysia ...but if theres one party which is toxic for the nation and i will actively ensure my family to stay away from, is PAS!! they dont provide solution but only create friction in our community. when will this stupid issue end? will they ask to ban the muslim truck drivers from delivering beers next? what about the muslim immigration officers who have to clear the imported beers at the port? what about the muslim contractors who paved the highways for the beers to be delivered to the hotels? what about just banning Malaysia from making or importing beers altogether? or better, why dont PAS just leave the country and save us all the trouble!

this is the old #chedet we all grew to respect and love back then we he made sense in the things he stood for! lets just call an apple an apple and move on folks! #negaraku

This is NOT an #Odorono commercial....tulunglah!

and this happened too... @daphneiking @dynasmokhtar @sazzyfalak @jeespot

do u hv little girls of ure own? do they still call u dadaaa...mammmaaa? do they still doodle all over ure office table or break ure cameras?....well imagine this, someone comes to u and say they wish to make them his bride...so lets stop this shit!

when these 4 get together...semua keluar...daripada cerita sex scandal hingga ke client yg menipuuuu! @daphneiking @sazzyfalak @dynasmokhtar @yasminhani

terbang 10 ringgit...

rarely do i repost my wife @daphneiking quotes...but bila ia menyusuk kalbu and its from jeff ofcors...i gotta #repost !! this post is dedicated to #elaine

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