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Joe Lebosi  manager to Daphne Iking

how heavy is this guy?!

My son @ariffjazzmi had to cut short his trip with us in #sabah for this gig he played tonight. Life is as such that u can FEEL sad and proud at the same time. As long as u know it just that...'FEEL'ings, nothing more than feelings. We all have to lead our own lives and experience it ourselves. And the best we can do for each other is be understanding and supportive, indiscriminately... love u boy

the moment when u realise ure mum is funkier than u...

thank u #MalaysiaAirports for coming to our rescue and letting us use the #KLIAPremierLounge #KULVIP during our 4 hour delay flight by #MalaysianAirlines ...ingatkan #AirAsia jer delay2 flight 😒

if #jackma said #malaysia is fast, i'd say, 'is he on drugs?!' but #PRU14 is coming we better BE fast and deliver our promises! ive yet to 'feel' jack's contribution to #negaraku ,perhaps anyone out there can answer?

Do we oppose the government becos they have done wrong or for the sake of opposing everything under the sun? finally, after all the horrendous traffic jam we had to endure during the construction of the #MRT it is now COMPLETE! Across klang valley from north to south, everyone can NOW travel in comfort and reduce road congestion and pollution! This IS truly a gift to #negaraku !! jadi apa mak bapak ajar ,bila kita dapat cenderahati? cakap #terimakasih sudah lah! bodoh betul! wake up #pakatanharapan ! u r NOT gonna win votes by being petty!

#PakatanHarapan is on a roll today! but in this case, I totally unequivocally agree, increase the marriage age limit to 18 and NOT to allow rape victims to EVER marry their perpetrators, this reunion should be outlawed #fullstop ....kami harap pihak kerajaan akan berterusan mendengar bantahan parti pembangkang dan keluhan rakyat demi #negaraku

today #RTM banned #despacito from their own airwaves but NOT on #astro or #TV3 or online network, lets just be what! nothing new, censorship happens on a daily basis...takkan tiap kali nak ban music nak kena buat press conference kot!! so if u want uncensored music, watch #youtube boleh jugak tgk #vlog kami and jangan lupa #subscribedaphneiking jugak tgk kerajaan dengar bantahan parti pembangkang #PartiAmanahNegara #AWAN #PakatanHarapan

sedor-sedor je ler...

Firstly, I have personally met DS Raya and she is NOT disabled or has any form of physical deformities. In fact she is a very fit and of sound mind. So pls dont simply comment about things u dont know. I suppose FINAS couldnt find a parking spot for her and decided to dedicate the disabled spot for her, not condoning it was the right thing to do, but that has to be the ONLY reason. Another thing, even IF someone is disabled is NOT nice to use the word retarded etc. It just shows the lack of upbringing and social integration u have. #YouKnowWhoYouAre #negaraku

dear dato vida, i understand from ure recent music video that ure a lovely person and perhaps also looking for love...judging from the gyrating movements exhibited in the video. i would like to introduce mah brova @ikingjr.mozes who is very single as well. he is well built, has a good heart and most of all honest, sincere, dedicated and understanding, and he would trim ure toenails at 5 o'clock in the morning.... #CubaTrySabahan

this 'bumiputera' status thingy has really gotten my panties in a bunch...i think we should totally get rid of this confusing term, which only benefits the selected few. Kudos to the indian muslim community who seeks and fight for their right as citizens of malaysia, but what about the chinese muslim or other race muslim community? they also have a right to voice out their right of being original malaysians !! none of us are immigrants here, we were BORN here, whether muslim or not, if a foreigner were to ask, 'where do u come from?' i dont answer, i'm a bumiputera malay muslim, i'm #gokdeng MALAYSIAN and proud of it! #negaraku

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