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Joe Roy  There's a finite number of pickles, but don't worry— you're on the list.

Steak, potato, shishito, & asparagus hash w. Eggs. #leftoversrock @bravasfood @woodfarmsfw

One badass steak from @bravasfood and @woodfarmsfw. Hot damn.

Merry Christmas from the Roy girls!

That’s about right. Roy girls pre-MPB Christmas Program #thisphototookfivetries

Still got it. Extra crispy turkey carnitas, salsa verde, habanero onion pickle #joeroyeatsbest

Who’s got@two thumbs and a beer already cracked this AM? #thisguy! I️ promise it’s for cooking purposes only. Thanks, @lizmpirrie for bringing Chicago to #FW this Thanksgiving #roythanksgiving2017 #theroysgivethanks2017 #joeroyeatsbest

Hey, @helenlouiseroy: I️ had to move the fridge magnets #roythanksgiving2017 #theroysgivethanks2017

@louiseclareroy’s first time at the counter was a success.

Boys Weekend.

A doctor, a unicorn, and the skeletwins #roysdohalloween2017