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This post I wanted to discuss the topic of success and confidence.
I really do believe a lot of our confidence is built or destroyed at a young age from our parents, peers, teachers, and level of encouragement we are exposed to.
You will always notice people who have been talked down to their entire life will almost always lack confidence..
However, it can be built later in life as well, no matter how beaten down you were early on in life. There really is a trick to unlocking limitless confidence and potential..
As a child I never really had any extraordinary talents.
I wasn’t ever the smartest..
I was NEVER athletic. In fact, I sucked at most sports which really hindered my confidence.
I struggled with weight for a very long period of time. Friends made comments, family members, girls...
So NO. I was never naturally confident.
I found a simple solution that really shot my confidence through the roof and allowed me to dominate my life.
Successful people who achieve massive goals and are genuinely happy with their life all have confidence.
Confidence stems from self belief.
Where does self belief come from if we aren’t naturally gifted?
Work ethic.
I am going to use bodybuilding as a reference.
I’m not the most genetically gifted bodybuilder on the planet. There are many things I lack genetically. But I truly believe in my heart without a fraction of a doubt that I can and will take this all the way.
I simply outwork everyone.
I see guys in the gym I compete against talking and bullshitting in between sets.
Texting on their phones.
Leaving the gym without breaking a sweat.
I know for a simple fact that there is not a single human being on the planet that can stand next to me and put in more work than me, and having that undeniable belief is more powerful than anything else.
I’m not saying that in a cocky way, I’m not saying I’m better than anyone, because I’m not.
...I’m just willing to put myself through anything to achieve what I set out to do. I will die before I allow someone else to put in more than me.
When you truly put 150% of your soul into something, your confidence CANNOT be broken, and that’s extremely powerful.
Go and get yours.

Prep legs vs offseason legs...looks like some progress (hopefully bc I’m over 30lbs heavier on the right😂)
The goal is to get as close to a 197lb stage weight as possible. Slowly making that happen day by day, and anyone that thinks I won’t come out with a pro card will be eating their words🤔. was chest day🤔
VERY late session wrapped up at @pro_fitdeerpark after seeing @chels_fitgirlham kill it at Easterns.
... @center_stage_physique whatever magic you’re pulling, it is working🤷🏽‍♂️😂

Nobody built championship legs doing banded sissy squats and 50lb barbell lunges..
Decided to really push the envelope today and bang the 90lbs dumbbells for walking lunges (yes, this is 90lbs in each hand..yes, this felt a lot heavier than it looks......and yes, the first few reps were VERY sketchy😂)
I have to take it to a new level every time I step foot in the gym. Winning a pro card is no easy task, and next competition season I’m out for blood..
Getting bigger and fuller each day with the new offseason protocol @center_stage_physique has me doing. Let’s get to work.
#OperationProCard 😈

I do have a dream of turning pro and one day standing on the olympia stage. Putting this shot of me next to the phenom himself @cbum really puts into perspective the amount of work that needs to be done before I can even consider that.
Dreams stays dreams when there’s no work behind it.
Let’s start chipping away⚒

This was about 4 weeks post show. As much as I terribly miss being lean with crazy striations every where, I know staying at that body fat % is not going to put size on me.
The goal this offseason is to keep my shape as “Classic” as possible (wide shoulders with a super small waist), and add around 20lbs of muscle to this frame. In my eyes, that is what I need to do to compete at a national show and come home with a pro card. I am super blessed to have @center_stage_physique in my corner helping me pack on the size.
It’s not going to be easy.
It’s going to take a long time.
There will be trial & error.
But I will get there.
And I will dominate.
Let’s work.

(Full video is in my bio)
My passion and excitement for this sport can’t be put into words.
Since the first day I started training, I felt at peace.
No matter what was going on in my life at the time..
No matter what I was going through..
No matter who did me wrong..
I always had control in the gym and what I put into my body.
Growing stronger and seeing my body change into what I envisioned it to look like was something truly special.
This video was from my last prep, and believe me, I still have the same fire inside of me as I did then. Kind of makes me really emotional every time I watch the full video, but it also reminds me why I was put on this pursue this and help & encourage everyone else to chase what they were born to do.
I am excited for the road ahead and what @center_stage_physique and I can transform my body into this offseason.
Next time I step on stage, it’s lights out.

Fluffy szn is here😈
Time to pack on the damn size.
I will not be stepping on stage until I can 20lbs heavier with near death conditioning.
Let the games begin🦍

(Excuse the ugly face pls)
Seeing @john_ullman_physique get up and destroy his show yesterday really makes me hungry to get back up there.
But as I’ve said countless time, I need more size, and that comes with time.
I’m focused every day to bring something to the stage that makes the judges drop their pencils on the floor.
#UnderConstruction 😈

Awesome package brought to the stage by @john_ullman_physique
Had the best conditioning on stage and the biggest MPD competitor there. Could not have nailed your peak any better brother, time to collect the hardware and eat!

Leg day in the books, now time for a rant🙂
My training philosophy is extremely simple.
Get in, warm up, annihilate the muscle in under an hour, and leave.
People are shocked when I tell them I only train mostly 45 minutes to an hour.
Why so short?
Because this is how EVERY set I perform in the gym looks (that’s not a warm up).
Every set is until complete failure, NOTHING short.
You will not be able to do more if this is how you train, trust me.
A lot of these bullshit “trainers” will tell you otherwise because they have the ability to read a textbook, yet look like they need a trainer themselves🤔
I have been a certified CPT, I’ve studied nutrition and exercise.
And I’ll tell you right now my 9 years EXPERIENCE in the gym triumphs anything I learned in a classroom or textbook by a landslide.
Because I’ve used myself as a guinea pig.
I’ve done every split or style of training you can think of, and this method by FAR has given me the best results (for bodybuilding standards).
But most people don’t train this way and will talk down on it.
Because it’s fucking HARD.
But usually it’s the hard things in life that yield the most results. ..
Point being, if you hire a trainer, make sure they also have the personal experience and a half respectable physique alongside the education.

Not sure if my phones camera quality could get any worse🤔
Did I take this off my Env2?
Offseason is here and this physique is absolute dog crap compared to what’s coming..time to turn it up a notch 😈

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