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We get out of life exactly what we TOLERATE. No more no less.
If where you are at doesn’t make you sick to your stomach, you won’t change.
If you want to become great, stop tolerating your life.
Your job.
Your body.
Your relationship.
Get a little pissed off, regardless of where you’re at. Because if you aren’t uncomfortable, you’ll start to tolerate.
And when you start to tolerate..
you LOSE.

If you guys want to watch me actually mutate in front of the camera every single week and change like you probably wouldn’t believe the link in my bio and SUBSCRIBE.
This is the new YouTube series where I will be putting on as much size as I possibly can, while simultaneously coming down in body fat. I will be posing every week Monday at 8:30EST, doing full days of eating, training sessions, and posing.
I’m also going over my weight and all my measurements each week to show in detail how my physique will be changing.
It’s go time😈

Okay so the “big” announcement😏
The last few months I really took a step back from bodybuilding to grow my finances and other areas in life.. but as much as I tried to do that I felt like I was losing a piece of myself as well.
Even though I will be putting in relentless work in those areas. I am officially going to be full throttle in putting in as much size as I possibly can, along with stripping off some body fat.
The new YouTube series is going to be “Building A Freak By The Week” where every single week I will be going over my current weight, exact diet, measurements, and record physique updates.
First video dropping tomorrow at definitely won’t want to miss this one😈
PS: I was in the middle of doing laundry, don’t judge the messy room😂

Well would ya look at that, stuffing my face... not much has changed😂
Although for most, today would be a very sad day, I have been nothing short of grateful in self reflecting on my life and just how fortunate I am.
My “Nanny” passed yesterday just one month shy of 99 years
Why am I so fortunate and filled with gratitude?
I have had the immense privilege of having an amazing woman help raise me and set the standard for hard work.
She came to this country in 1925 from Scotland with nothing and built an incredible life and legacy for herself.
One of the first women ever to graduate Fordham University, obtain her masters, and teach all grades for 57 YEARS.
Oh yeah... I also forgot to mention she was recruited by the FBI during World War II to translate and smuggle in German occupied France, going on multiple dangerous missions behind enemy lines (on top of everything she was also fluent in French too).
So.. when you have a person raise you that has done all of that, you look pretty stupid being upset over your outdated iPhone or old car.
It was kind of unexpected, and that is what really hit me today. Life can be taken from you at ANY moment in time, and if she can accomplish all of that, I should have zero issue with my circumstances smashing every goal I put in my path.
I was always told I was in her prayers every night and she deeply cared about my happiness more than anything else.
Thank you for the decades of setting an example, I promise you I will not fall a centimeter short of my potential.

So I have a pretty interesting YouTube series and surprise coming that I will be announcing over the weekend😏
Time to bring this physique back to where it should be and let’s say.. kick it up a notch😉

A little late for this post, but it’s something that I think needs to be said.
No matter what your opinions are of this day, no matter your beliefs, I think everyone can take today as a day to be grateful for all the blessings in life.
When those 3,000+ mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters left their homes 17 years ago today, I’m sure they never would have imagined never seeing their loved ones again.
Take the time today to be happy for all the small things in life.
The fact we do live in a country that allows us to chase our potential, the fact we have those around that love us, and the fact we have another day to create the life we desire.
Be grateful.
You will never know when your time is up🇺🇸⌛️

Your “education” is crap.
... I could NEVER understand in the fitness industry why people will actually hire a trainer that is completely fat, out of shape, and never applied any of their “principals” upon themselves. Oh why..because they have a “degree?”
When was the last time you went to a dentist with no teeth?
A financial advisor who was homeless?
A driving instructor with no car?
...yeah, you don’t.
Would you rather learn to make and invest money from a multimillionaire who came from nothing, or a 26 year old “business major” who makes $30,000 a year and is such a financial genius they buried themselves hundreds of thousands in debt for no reason other than they were told to?
Yeah the answer is pretty obvious..
But for whatever reason people will hire out of shape trainers and fat nutritionists because they paid a couple hundred dollars for an online course or bs’d and copied their way through college.
I’ve actually sat down with nutritionists who were hired to write diets for people that were very overweight and told me I would run into serious health problems eating over 100 grams of protein a day😂🤦🏽‍♂️
At the end of the day, EXPERIENCE is exponentially more powerful than a pretty little plaque you got for handing over money to read out of a textbook.
The same goes for 20 year old “life coaches,” broke financial advisors, and car salesmen who can’t do an oil change.
Have some common sense, please.

If you know me, you know I almost always train alone. When I train, I feel as if most people do not keep the same pace or intensity as myself and it negatively impacts my training..
This guy, however, always brings it and it shows in his physique. Awaiting patiently 7 more weeks to see the golden standard of “conditioning” come to the stage

This was probably my favorite pic/pose from the summer. Even though I’m working each day towards my future, I’m ITCHING every day to pick out another show....
Can’t change who I am🤷🏽‍♂️

Sometimes life beats us down..
and when you think the storm is over, it will stomp you on your head...
And after you get stomped, life will spit on you when you feel you have nothing in the tank...
You aren’t unlucky, you don’t have a “bad life,” you aren’t a victim.
It happens to everyone.
You know what happens when you have these days?
You have the opportunity to learn.
To grow.
To become better.
It’s painful, but sometimes when everything fails, when it’s gets harder and harder and life becomes just need to put one foot in front of the other and keep moving.
Keep pushing.
Keep going.
No success story came without getting punched in the mouth repeatedly.
Do yourself a favor, as hard as it seems.. embrace it and learn from it. Your better than you were yesterday, and you’re one ass beating away from your goals.
Keep your head in the fight.

Since I never use the term “bad day,” today was definitely a character building day.
Tonight, arms is on the menu and I still have more work to do.
You can let your challenging days break you, or use them to become a greater version of yourself.
I actually look forward to these days because when things do not go in your favor, it builds perseverance and character. ...
Some of you need a different perspective..

Throwing it back to a time where I was 5 seconds of stairs away from dropping dead on the gym floor😂
In all seriousness, it’s crazy to see where you can take the human body.
While in “prep” you always look the best, like a complete superhero on the outside, when you are the least healthy on the inside.
There is nothing healthy about sub 5% body fat.
I love this sport, but there are a lot of unhealthy things that may come about with trying to get a “show ready” physique, natural or not.
However, I truly believe it teaches you a discipline like no other sport can.
Going months, up to half a year having no control over what you eat, forcefully regimenting your training and cardio every single day..
No matter if you’re sick.
You’re light headed.
On the verge of fainting.
Tired beyond measure.
Aching in pain...
You still gotta do your cardio, eat your 6 meals, and train. Period.
I thank Bodybuilding every day for making the battles in life just a little bit easier.

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