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Joe Liberto  •Held hostage by @L0oveLife 💍👶🏻 •ATL

My son is a little ladies man... he slept with at least 8 different women today... 🤣 #TheRealLibertoWedding

Ive met many great people in my life, and learned much along the way. I discovered that I can be an arduous person to be around. I’m no where near what one would consider average. The list of what makes me unique is by no means a brief one. Just one specific combination of my faults can quickly exhaust one’s patience. Rightfully so, no one has been able to be around me for long and honestly, I don’t blame them. It made me stronger with my friendships and refined the attributes I wanted in romantic relationships. One day out of complete randomness I met Ashley. Roughly two months later I achieved a milestone promotion down to global HQ in Atlanta. Selfishly, I asked her to move 1000 miles away from everything she knew, to a city she’s never been before, with someone she’s only known briefly. Since then we’ve bought a house, started a beautiful family along with careers in the film, medical, and technology industry. Needless to say, I’ve never felt more confident with dedicating every ounce of my heart and soul to enjoy the rest of my life with a single person. T-minus 6 days. 💍🍾🧖🏻‍♀️ #TheRealLibertoWedding

Never stopped kicking myself in the ass for selling princess... one day I’ll grab another #SN95 maybe pacific blue this time... #mustang #builtnotbought #46GT

#nyc #september11 #tributeinlights #neverforget #twintowers #wtc 📷 Joe Liberto Eighty-eight 7,000 watt spot lights make up the Tribute in Light memorial. To date they remain the strongest beams of light ever projected from earth.

Since the DSLR is Home with @l0ovelife, I gotta make due with my iPhone...

🤤 like a fresh deck of cards ♦️

I am extremely proud and humbled to be a part of this family culture. I met one of the people who was responsible for the assembly of my 1HD Custom Nightster. Unfortunately ill also be amongst the last to visit this place before it builds its final Harley.

Styling and profiling... All he needed was a margarita to sip on while he floated around our pool. #Merica #ATL

Edited some pictures @l0ovelife took while I was at work... only adjusted Levels. No retouching, or cropping, and only her second time with using my camera 🙌🏻.

Pretty bad ass to watch these guys rolling through town today #HotRodPowerTour too bad I couldn’t get any better pictures.

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