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Joe Carroll 

I’m going to try to get you to make this face for the rest of time. I love you... and I love @leigh.ann.cobb.photo .. it’s different, but GOD she takes good pictures. Happy Hallmark Cards Red Flowers Chocolate Day #nofilter.

I didn’t do it ...

Sorry. This is just a really cool picture. I can’t pretend that “hey! so grateful for everyone coming out” blah blah blah... Nope. This is an amazing picture of me playing my guitar looking way cooler than I am.
@mulographynyc is a plastic surgeon with a camera.

We’re back at it Saturday.. @commonjackmusic @arlenesgrocery @8pm ... my last post was about getting engaged FYI. This post is about my band @commonjackmusic playing @arlenesgrocery on SATURDAY. Please come!!


My hat says “Merry Christmas .. Shitter’s Full” ... back in Michigan with the crew. this place is called the Broadway Bar. Santa threw up everywhere AND I LOVE IT.

A throwback for no reason other than missing Bandstand. @jennyandersonphoto is a treasure. Thank you for capturing the paradiddles.

Big fan of Christmas. Big fan of snow. NY sucks sometimes, but the Christmas tree stands every 10 blocks make this city extra cute during the holidays.... also Santa Con should be illegal.

One more fav from Monday @birdlandjazz .. Like SOOO grateful @geoffpackard and @naponacott let me sing a little. They look thrilled.

My boyfriend @dan_tracy did the marketing. THE MARKETING. You should hear him belt. @countingsheeprevolution is fully STUNNING.

Pure joy. @bandstandbway gave us so much. Thank you @birdlandjazz for having us. A dream come true. Thank you @emiliomk for making us look pretty.

Sunday. It was a day filled with unbelievable pain, tears, exhaustion Vaseline, Gatorade, Tylenol, friends, family, and a New found LOVE for NYC. People lined every single mile of the race. The pain i felt between mile 19-23 was the worst I’ve ever experienced, but @finkeboutit @sandrascarroll @colenciaprovencia @codydav @louienapoleone @awleggy @rjbrownjr @jasondsilverman and @akblock held me up the whole way. I can’t thank you guys enough for coming to cheer all day in the friggin rain. One story.. my whole right leg failed at mile 19. i hobbled along wanting to quit for almost an hour when a woman in Central Park looked at me like she knew me and SCREAMED.. “JOE!! JOE!! THIS IS ALL YOU! THIS IS YOUR RACE! DIG DEEP YOU’RE FOING TO FINISH!!” I burst into tears again and waddled my ass across the finish line. Thank you New York. Thank you @tapsorg. What a life changing day. If you’re walking behind me this week... just give me a sec. I’m movin slow.

A quick thank you. Holy Moses. YOU ALL raised over 3k in 48 hours! TWO DAYS. Thank you to all of you wonderful friends and family and STRANGERS who donated to @tapsorg .. YOU ARE ALL AMAZING. Thank you for helping me realize a dream and help a good cause in the meantime. DOWNLOAD THE @nycmarathon app and follow along Nov 5. Almost a week away. EEK.


I’ve been in LA five minutes....

Less than a month... they don’t tell you that the trees come to life and start talking to you around mile 17. Full fledged hallucination. @nycmarathon #nov5 #pasta

Just a casual dinner for Dad’s birthday. We ate balloons. Frances got balloon in her hair. There was fire. @alinearestaurant was everything we hoped it be and so much more. Also there’s one pic at the end of Dad with shoulder length flow skiing with a bandana. He’s always been a badass. He’s always been my hero. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!

This is a picture of me and my dog on a paddle board.

Feb 2014... would you like to be in a reading? Usually that's where is stops. Two and half years later and too many milestones to count, we send Bandstand off. Thank you to the countless people who made it possible. Especially my parents and my sister .. it all started with a drum set. I was terrible for so long and they didn't have noise cancelling headphones back then. Thank you for the drum set. It's always been the best seat in the house. Happy closing @bandstandbway MISSION COMPLETE.

@bandstandbway @machetethunderpants ... thank you. That's all. THANK YOU.

@geoffpackard is torn.. literally. Corey and I are consoling him. A CCM grad headed to Ann Arbor to shape some minds. God I want to take Geoff's acting class and have @chelliebrd as my voice teacher. #goblue .. gonna miss watching sports ball with the @bandstandbway crew. #oneweekleft

The best crew cheering on big blue .. football is back and we're thrilled. *SAPPINESS ALERT* I love that football brings people together. Especially these people. #sip #goblue

I spent 20 minutes trying to come up with a witty "I have a crush on the girl next door" status and they all sucked. Alex starts performances at Come From Away tonight. Bandstand is next door. I'm in Bandstand. We're neighbors. We're real excited. I love you @finkeboutit. End of post.

Three more weeks of this goofball. Thank you @jennyandersonphoto for capturing the part of my thigh that has never seen the light of day.

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