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Joe Butta  Who god bless no man can curse #regularliving R.I.P RAMEL R.I.P WOO

Hard work beats talent,when the talent don’t work hard



Thank you to everybody who came to the wake/funeral and thanks to everybody who reached out to me via text,DM,phones calls or even just commented on any post it’s really appreciated even if I didn’t respond back it didn’t go unnoticed but most of all thanks to my sister @smokingonshiba and my brother @regularliving it’s things I didn’t know how to do or needed help with and y’all was there and that’s all I can ever ask for I love y’all and my whole team (to many to name).From me and my family we appreciated any type of support in this hard time S.I.P nana 🙏♥️

R.I.P grandma 🙏🙏

They say when you die your in a better place but to me the best place is you here with me because this pain is different 😢😢S.I.P grandma ♥️♥️

These niggas ain’t been to church in years but out here praying on my downfall

My reason‼️

😊🤷‍♂️...I just wanna know why my mother had my hair looking like that lol

Bitch nigga I’m eatin...

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