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Joe Moore  Newton, NJ ✈️ Wilmington, NC 🔹Inked 🔹Fitness 🔹Beach Life 🌊 🔹Dog Dad #NeverSettle

Head up, eyes forward. #neversettle #truetoself

Need some honest opinions, should I try to build a portfolio and attempt to do some tattoo modeling? Let me know #tatted #ink #neversettle

Leave em in the wilderness with a sworn nemesis, he'll make it #neversettle #stillobsessed #necktattoo

This picture popped up on my Facebook today that it was used as my profile pic on this day in 2011. Transformation doesn't happen overnight, it takes time, consistency and motivation. The pic on the right my current shape after taking about six weeks off from the gym and just getting back to my routine. There will be bumps in the road you may not always look the best you have at some point, but you have proven to yourself you have the capability to get there and push yourself to keep moving forward. #transformationtuesday #neversettle #motivation

Be yourself, be who you want to be not what others want you to be. Im here to make a statement and live my life the way I want with no regrets. #neversettle #selfiesaturday #necktattoo #lotus

Been back on that grind the way I'm post to be #flexfriday #neversettle

Been slacking on my gym posts so here is a clip of banging out some 21s to cap off a back/arm workout. #neversettle

I ain't got shit to prove, well maybe to me but never to you #ontobetterthings #neversettle #staytrue

Treat you like a queen, and like it's just for you, you damn right #truetoself #neversettle #waitingontherightone

Some late night thoughts for everyone. Treat people with respect and the respect is returned. Treat people with disrespect and the same will be reciprocated. Put yourself in others peoples shoes and think about how you'd feel if the roles were switched. I'm not a perfect person never was never have been, and these last few months I've really learned about myself and who I am. I lost that for a long time and just never took the time to rebuild me. I've hurt people and now can sit back and wish I could change it all and re do everything, but since that isn't possible I took the time to sit back, acknowledge where I went wrong to become a better me. I've spent nearly every day by myself for the last two months just building myself back up to the best I can and better than before. It's important that we take a step back sometimes and evaluate ourselves and think have I changed for the better or lost myself? Evaluate where you went wrong in certain circumstances so you can learn from it and handle it better the next time. No one on this planet is perfect but I will tell you I am not going to let someone else ruin my happiness. So this is when disrespect warrants the same back. Ive got a whole future ahead of me to worry about and I'm gonna get mine. #neversettle

The glow up is a real thing, stay persistent to your goals and as you change and become a better version of yourself just remember to #staytrue to yourself and never stray away from who you are to meet societies expectations or standards. #neversettle #glowup

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