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Jody Worthington  Graphic designer, co-host of The Blume Saloon podcast, and proud lefty. My work: The podcast:

Need a tiny respite from all the crap in the world right now? Join us in #theblumesaloon cocoon where we're all friends and everything is lovely. Catch up on episode 18 today! πŸ’‹

Have you listened to today's episode of #theblumesaloon? We finish "Then Again, Maybe I Won't" and also talk about crashing cars into 7-Elevens, marijuana slang, and prankster cops. Give us a listen! Link in bio. βœ¨πŸ’•πŸ’‹

This one's for you @melissasegan... here's my appearance in #seventeenmagazine circa 1997. They came to our school for a special London edition of "School Zone." Memba that?! I had gotten busted for smoking pot just a few days before, and as punishment, my mom wasn't going to let me go to school the day of the shoot. 😱 If you look closely you'll see a black circle on the back of my hand - I had drawn a pentagram on it but they made me color it in. ⚫️ #theblumesaloon #schoolzone

New episode of #theblumesaloon today! Beth and I talk about shoplifting, the new Parrot Head documentary, and chapter 8 of "Then Again, Maybe I Won't." Beth recalls the time she gave her OWN BROTHER a detention, and I debut my questionable Australian accent. We also read some amazing emails, including one from a devout Blume Head who received a letter from Judy Blume back in 1982. Link in bio! πŸ’•βœ¨

Podcast still life. Just finished recording this week's ep of #theblumesaloon, coming your way Thursday! 🎧

Frog dog. ❀️

Chill vibes mood board for a new mixed-use development. We're in the initial brand identity stages - the most fun part! I really πŸ’š the "dancing" lettering. #branding #brandidentity #moodboard

Don't be sad there's no Blume Saloon episode this week! This gives you plenty of time to catch up. Here's the 1970s Valium ad we tore apart last week. "He relates well to women with domineering traits. But not to men. Not even his own son. Whenever psychic tension is a significant component in the clinical profile, consider the use of Valium." 😐 Also, why is Uncle Willie a toad-man?! 🐸 #theblumesaloon

Happy Friday! We highly recommend starting your weekend with the latest episode of #theblumesaloon podcast (link in bio) and a zesty lemon-flavored malt beverage. πŸ‹πŸΎπŸ€’

Sissy and Sadie. 🐢

A sudden succulent bloom this morning! 🌸🌡

The Blume Saloon: making shit up since 1971. Join us for this week's mini-episode (link in bio), a whirlwind 15 minutes of vintage commercials, hip slang, and hot celebrity couples. 😎
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