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So, I'm in Mexico treating an autoimmune disorder I have had since I was a kid. I learned to live with it until it started to become such a burden on my life I had to do something "drastic" , enough's enough and figure out a way to treat it. (I've been trying to fix it for years by treating the symptoms mostly through medication *prescription AND homeopathic and diet change) You see, in Canada and the US, they admit to not being able to cure some chronic conditions (including mine) instead they offer drugs like Humira which suppress your immune system (also suppressing symptoms) thus causing your condition to take another form, usually as cancer or a more severe autoimmune disorder. The irony of all this is many doctors in America/Canada look at what they do down here in Mexico as being "not safe" or "lacking in evidence that it works" deeming it a pseudo science. Well, tell me then how Humira and other drugs aren't actually more dangerous? Where is your proof that they ever cured anything? There's not, cuz they don't cure shit. They make you sicker. The only thing that cures anything is the body itself. The body cures itself! It's that simple. But in order for the body to heal itself, it needs to be free of toxins that cause inflammation, which is what causes most of the symptoms in the first place. You know what's been humbling? Being the healthiest person here. Most of the patients here have aggressive forms of cancer. I talk to people everyday (mostly from Alberta) who have been coming to this clinic for years since they were first told they had X amount of time to live, and here they are, 10-15 years later. It's not a disrespect to our doctors at home, but calling out a broken system that needs to change. I'm more than happy to share some of the treatments I do here, if you are curious and looking for ways to help yourself (whether you have an autoimmune disorder, diabetes or cancer) dm me and I'll share some things for you to research.

So, Mars was cool

How to cuddle a young horse 101

Allie girl, you melt my heart, you set my soul on fire. I love you, at times I think, maybe a little too much.

Cuz this has to be shared and absorbed over and over again until it actually becomes "common sense"

3 years ago we were just wrapping up our kickstarter run for my first film Indigo (this photo was key art for the campaign Facebook reminded me today) we were about to go to camera in a few weeks and weren't even fully funded or didn't even have our lead cast yet, as the guy in this photo isn't the actual actor from the film. Flash forward to today where im developing this into a series and working on getting financing in place for my first feature with some of the same group that made this with me. Film projects take a LONG fkn time. There are so many little things that have to line up, so many people who have to offer their gifts and energy for a project to come to life. I LOVE what I do so much, the entire process, even the uncertainties. For every 5 projects you write, one MIGHT get made. I look at all of my projects as their own little entities that come to life to different stages of "existence". Some only come as far as characters written, but never get cast and filmed and seen, but to me they were just as alive as the ones that do. I'm still so thankful to all of you who donated to this original campaign 3 years ago which allowed me to be where I am today. I can't wait to show you all what's in store in this next round of films! I'm so thankful I have something in my life that makes me crazy with excitement. I seriously live, breathe and love for this stuff and can't wait to share it all with you too 🤠💥🎬

Where to now?

The waitress was also the cook and the thick fresh cut fries were amazing.

Wieners on the runway 🛫

Happy birthday to my lil sis @angelinexo - may you always win all the buckles 🤠💋🥇love u

Misty late September a.m walks are my fave

Shy + Betty ⭐️❤️

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