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Jodi Leigh Miller IFBB Pro  🏆IFBB Pro-WPD 👙The Posing Professor 💜Phlare Physiques LLC 💪🏻Life Coach 🏈UT Longhorn 📚Soon-to-be grad student 🐶@roxidoxie ✏️Blogger/Author


As you may know, I begin graduate school on January 4th. I was accepted into the low-residency MFA in Writing program at Pacific University Oregon. No, I'm not moving. A low-residency program means that I spend a small portion of time twice a year (10 days in January & 10 days in June) in Oregon participating in an intense writing workshop with faculty advisors & other graduate students in the program. The rest is done remotely. So, don't worry. Roxi & I will still teach competition posing! Each semester I will be required to read 20 books that help me to shape & improve my craft--some fiction, some nonfiction. By the time I finish the program, I'll have read 80 books & have completed at least one full manuscript. I have a goal to fix my short story I've been struggling with for years & to finally write a fiction novel that incorporates a slight hint of memoir mixed with literary realism & intermingles with dark magic (not Harry Potter-ish but more Stephen King/Peter Straub Talisman-ish). I know what themes my brain keeps sliding towards, & I hope with this professional guidance, I will make it all come to life between two hardcovers. Though honestly, I love the feel of a paperback more. Anyway, I get to play a significant role in choosing my 20 books each semester, & this picture shows some of what I wish to read or re-read. I have others in mind not included in this photo. Today, I'll narrow down my list. I am excited, scared, & still slightly shocked that I finally made this happen. I have two ultimate goals in life: to be a published fiction writer & to give back to others via my personal successes, fears, failures, opinions, realizations so that others may feel connected & able to keep stepping forward without shaming or debasing themselves. The more I write, the more it forces me to open up. The more I open up, the more it helps some & turns away others. I'm okay with losing a few to help one gain the sun. 🖤 #writer #blogger #blog #student #teacher #brainsandbrawn #fitover40 #nobicepshere #allbooks #ilovetoread #read #bestseller #ilovebooks #booksofinstagram #nerd #jocknerd #nerd #girlpower #beyou #doyou #goals #goaldigger #motivation #payitforward

An excerpt from my latest blog post. 🖤 I am in the midst of my yearly week off from the gym. Not a deload. A true week off. Some of these days I am doing nothing more strenuous than picking up Roxi and some socks off the ground. Some of these days I am doing stretching classes, yoga, and recovery therapy like hydromassage and cryotherapy. 🖤 I haven’t died. I'm not starving myself to make up for the lack of weight training. I haven’t gotten fat. I haven’t grown a third horn. I haven’t forgotten how to squat. I haven’t lost my love for the gym. In fact, quite the opposite. I’m excited about Monday when I get to train legs with @jasonpostonpro again. I’m excited about what I get to do with my body at the age of 45. I’m excited (and slightly scared) about discovering how well I’ll balance school, gym, and work like the old days when I began lifting. It’s so weird, like I’m coming full circle. I wonder what this means for this next year. I wonder what I should do New Year’s Eve to set the tone for 2018. 🖤 And that begs the question: what will you do to set your tone for your 2018? 🖤 #flexfriday #fitnessfriday #recoverymode #ilovemyhamburgershirt 🍔 #iloveburgers #fitover40 #bootygoals #bootygainz #glutemotivation #thickthighs #curves #womenwholift #womensphysique #keepingitreal #offseason #floffseason #progresspic #quads #quadzilla #girlswithbiceps #girlpower #beyou #loveyourself #fitnessmotivation #fitgirls #blogger #trainsmart #brainsandbrawn

Flashback to last weekend when I participated in the November @fitops_foundation camp held in Waxahachie. I am horrible at taking the time to capture photos with people during an event. I have to consciously remember to ask someone to take a picture, even at my competitions. The fact is, I tend to be so caught up in the actions, scenery, or people that I walk away thinking, "How did I not get more photos?" It seems the only time this doesn't happen is when I'm with Roxi. 🐶😂 But seriously, my experience with FitOps was incredibly rewarding, uplifting, thought-provoking. I truly got lost in listening to @drvictorprisk share his knowledge, participating in morning PT with the veterans, sharing lunch and dinner time with everyone, and conducting my own presentations. I cannot wait to come back for the January camp and help out even more. So, thank you, @gamadafama and to everyone else at the camp, for asking for a picture and for making me feel so welcome and appreciated! 🖤 #flashbackfriday #flexfriday #fitopsfoundation #fitops #shortiesrule #girlswithbiceps #motivation #bodybuilding #fitnessmotivation #fitfam #ifbb #veterans #flex #fitnessfriday #blogger #writer #betterbodieslifestyle #betterbodies #legwarmers #offseason #gratitude #thankful #giveback #volunteer #womenwholift #fitover40 #goals #goaldigger

For #humpday. I think my butt is bigger than my head. 🤣🍑 Did you know my mom used to tell me I do everything backa$$wards? Her word. No joke. I never have done anything in life exactly according to the instruction manual. I tend to tackle things in my own unique way and time. I guess it has worked out just fine...for the stage and beyond. 🖤 Suit: @goddessglamsuits. Tan: @liquidsunrayz. HMUA: Me! Prep coach: @danieltreat. Posing mentor: @chriscormier2. IFBB Arizona Pro 2017 show promoter: @tgflex, @wingsofstrength.

"Sometimes falling teaches us things too. In dreams you often fall before you wake." Elodin in The Wise Man's Fear, by Patrick Rothfuss.
This is why perfectionism is so dangerous to our psyche and our growth as human beings. There is no perfect. There can be better, but there is no perfect. You've heard the term, "slash-and-burn," right? If you haven't, look it up. By purposely destroying, we can create an avenue for new. I think we...I...do this subconsciously sometimes so I may learn from falling, rise like a Phoenix and fly higher than before. This might be seen as self-sabotage, and perfectionists do this. People who have suffered abuse or trauma do this. The mistake is made when we don't control the slash or the burn, causing us to flail about, get lost, lose air. But maybe it's not really a mistake. Maybe the mistake occurs when we beat ourselves afterwards up for the fall and destruction and continue the abuse on ourselves instead of taking ownership and saying, "Hey...I did that. I did it to myself. Look at the power I actually have if I can destroy a part of my life like that. What if I took that power and transferred it to rising out of the ashes and creating new, fertile ground?" Yes, indeed. What if? 🖤 #transformationtuesday #greeneyes #girlswithbiceps #biceps #bodybuilding #brainsandbrawn #womenwholift #fitover40 #fitgirls #strength #darkhairdontcare #bangs #pout #blogger #blog #writer #author #deepthoughts #falling #phoenixrising #motivation #inspiration #girlpower #beyou #loveyourself #heal

The unknown. A dark void that exists in the future & remains as such until we move through the vortex of time. When I was asked a month ago to play a small role at the @fitops_foundation camp in Waxahachie this past weekend, I felt in the dark. I could not quite sink my teeth into the finite details of what I would say, how I would teach, where I would assist. I could not put distinct faces to my audience. As a result, I had a tough time planning. After @drvictorprisk and I spoke on the phone about his role in the camp & how I could fit into all of it like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle, I began to formulate what I might say. But to be honest, I still was not 100% sure until I arrived. I knew I wanted to talk through an idea that has been burning inside of me about motivation being needed in order for habit to form. I knew I wanted to explain a precursor to motivation that needs to be planted in the ground before anything else can grow. I especially knew I wanted to share about myself. But I am not a military veteran. I worried my concerns, fears, woes, hardships would be seen as frivolous, easy, mundane, distant to the tragedies, pain, and nightmares these veterans have endured. But depression is depression. No matter what incites it...if we deal with it in the depths of our soul, we understand it. We relate to it. We empathize with it. Sometimes that's the most important thing one human being can do for another: relate. So I threaded my verbal needle & spun a speech that spilled from the recesses of my heart & the closet of my memories. What I received in return from the veterans of the FitOps camp blew my mind. So much graciousness. Such appreciation. So much love. Such understanding. I didn’t feel like an outsider. I didn’t feel abnormal or awkward like I tend to in other areas of life. I felt accepted, empowered, and taught. Yes, taught. They taught me that it’s high time I open up & open wide because my rain will water the seeds of others’ “why’s.” You might not fully understand what I mean here, but one day in my blog, I’ll explain further. Thank you everyone in this picture for welcoming me. Thank you, FitOps. I highly recommend the program for veterans. 🖤

Tomorrow, once I have had time to recharge so I may better express myself, I will share a group photo and the core of my experience at the @fitops_foundation camp this weekend. But for now, I ran across this quote I wrote a few weeks back, and in light of the vets imploring me to keep sharing myself and my writing and to open up further about my story and my deep thoughts no matter how light, stark, or dark, I am keeping my promise to them and sharing now: "I may be only 4'11", but I am 4'11" of fury and fire, of barbed wire and desire. I am the dust ball that starts off small. But should the heavens kick up the wind, then I spin spin spin until I loom so large that I eclipse whatever weakness you mistook of me." I always fight through whatever is dealt my way, even when it's the demons inside my very own head and heart that tug on my resolve. 🖤 #ifbb #beyou #loveyourself #curves #confidence #resolve #girlpower #brainsandbrawn #darkhairdontcare #girlswithbiceps #gymselfie #fitnessmotivation #blogger #blog #writer #promisestokeep #sharing #friendship #gratitude #thankful #fitops #trainhard #workhard #goals #womenwholift #womensphysique #strength

I am in Waxahachie this weekend, volunteering my time and assisting with a couple presentations at the FitOps camp. This is a unique organization that fully pays for the training and certification of veterans to become personal trainers. Today, Dr. Victor Prisk took the squadrons through a full lesson of the workings of our musculature--toe to head. I then stepped in, and together we explained the different divisions of physique competitions and demonstrated proper posing for each division. Tomorrow, the lessons continue with focus on nutrition and training. And I will personally discuss motivation versus habit (I have a different view on this little debate than most) as well as examine the roles choices and change play in our lives, detail how to set goals and reach them without falling apart in the process, and dig deeply into how to keep moving even in the face of severe depression and/or anxiety attacks. I feel so lucky to get to share time with this group and to subsequently learn and grow. Already--even though I was a teacher today--my imagination has been sparked with how I can better help my posing clients improve both on and off the stage. 🖤 #Reposting @hakejoward with @instarepost_app -- @drvictorprisk and @jodileigh going over posing with United States Marine, CVFO, Squad Leader, and Classic Physique Competitior @brandonlewis_cpt at @fitops_foundation camp today, so that the class has a better understanding of how Bodybuilding works in general.

Never mind me. I'm just trying to find the sun. ☀️ Dallas needs its sunny days again. ☀️ This is a #throwback to 2007 in New York when I worked with Weiferd Watts after winning the lightweight bodybuilding division of the 2007 NPC Team Universe and qualified for my spot on the U.S. team to visit Santa Susanna, Spain, to compete in the IFBB World Championships. I could have hung it up then. I could have stopped. Both shows were amazing and unique experiences that I take pride in achieving. But I had a goal that I set in 2002 and said, "one day I want to stand with my idols on a pro stage." I thought of giving up many a time. I have had placings all over the board, up and down and around I went. But I always came back. It's funny: my long-distance, Women's Physique posing client who lives in Los Angeles has chosen Tom Petty's "I Won't Back Down" for her posing song. And I see my competitive career as that song. It may seem frivolous, this bodybuilding thing. But our journeys toward our goals are just that: journeys. And throughout our journeys we will rise and fall. We will have to decide whether to pick ourselves up or stay down. We will have to choose whether to stay on our original plotted course or switch paths and go in a different direction. Above all, we will have to determine how to weather storms and how to keep our emotions of fear, regret, bitterness, grief from flooding our emotions of pride, happiness, gumption, satisfaction. That is: if we wish to truly grow. I remember days I was bitter because I wasn't on the fast track like everyone else. Once I let that go and searched for my own sun in my neck of the woods, I was able to walk my path more sure-footed and lighthearted. So no, this bodybuilding thing isn't frivolous. It has shed light on areas of me that might not have grown if I gave up too soon, too long ago. 🖤 #nevergiveup #ifbb #selfesteem #confidence #beyou #girlpower #girlswithmuscle #girlsgonestrong #fitgirls #womenwholift #girlswithbiceps #fitnessmotivation #throwbackthursday #tbt #motivation #goals #goaldigger #journey #progress #bodybuilding #thelongway #iwontbackdown #tompetty #whereisthesun #sundress #texasweather #newyork #wayback

Hmm. I see a pattern here. I swear I didn't plan this when I picked out my nail colors today. Complete matching accident. But @amandalatona, your olive and purple must have struck a chord with me. Thanks for the mani inspiration! 💜 #purple #olive #oliveoyl #manicure #nexgen #birthdaynails #matchymatchy #nails #glitter #shimmer #glitternails #glitteraddict #nailsoftheday #notd #nailsofinstagram #nailsofig #fallcolorsftw #nailswag #nailart #purplenails #manicure #nexgen #nailstyle #dallasnails #notpolish #nailsalon #nailstagram #nailaddict #nailporn #shortnails #prettynails #nailinspiration

Some days are sweats days. (You already saw in the previous picture what is underneath. 😜🍑) The temperature has dropped again in Dallas. But I'm sure by Friday, it'll be back in the 80's. Craziness. 🖤 #texasweather #dallas #texasgirl #whenisfall #offseason #sweats #joggers #chestday #converse #chucks #betterbodies #betterbodieslifestyle #fitover40 #frontbutt #shelflife #girlpower #womenwholift #fitgirls #girlswithmuscle #darkhairdontcare #cowboysfit #tomorrowismybirthday #iwantcake #orsephora #thewholestore #peasandtanks

"Floff" season. That lovely combination of fluff and off season. When you spend all week dreaming of cheat meals and then can't figure out what you want to eat when the cheat meal finally comes around. I'm at two cheat meals a week and some nibbles of yummy things, though @danieltreat said to go up to three. I weighed 125 lbs today and was 117 lbs during peak week. I am 4'11" and today is the last day I'll be 44. 🖤 #ifbb #bootygoals #bootygainz #curves #beyou #loveyourself #thickthighs #girlpower #girlswithbiceps #biceps #girlswithmuscle #girlswithauniab #thatisonebigab 😂 #flexfriday #cake #iwantcake 🍰 #cakes #ihavecakes #darkhairdontcare #sillyselfie #womenwholift #fitover40 #fitgirls #motivation #fitnessmotivation #bodybuilding #fluff #offseason #floffseason #cheatmeals

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