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This week I spent more time with pen and paper than metal and diamonds. #designerlife

Where it usually starts. This is the only shot I took showing the side view of the original ring. It was very metal heavy. Laying the stones on a dark background gives me a really clear view of the design and I take photos so I can go away and think about the design a little more. Often the best ideas come to me at night when I flick back through my phone photos from the day. Metal heavy not heavy metal.

Its quite difficult being a handmodel and a camera woman all at once. This clip shows the proper size of this cluster ring.

This finished ring is as cold as the wind today. Flick back a few posts to see the before photo. You will see that I kept the snowflake shape but cut down on the number of claws and added bigger diamonds around the outside. I also changed the band to white gold. ❄

Finished underbasket.

Back to work and finishing up some jobs that were started before I got sick.

BEFORE PHOTO // This ring has had a lot of love and was in need of an update. After several years of hinting, Shirley finally gave in and let me remake her bling providing I kept the overall look the same. Here is a picture of the original ring along with the only progress shots I managed to snap. One major change that I made was changing the smaller stones for biggers ones - and in turn cutting down from 78 claws to 42 claws!!! Just switching up the diamonds simplified the design and made it more bling less metal.
Sometimes the hidden little areas are the details I spend the most time on and I can definitely say that for this ring. As the underbasket evolved I got lost in time and popped my head up hours later to realise I'd missed lunch. That's the best part of making jewellery... not the missing lunch bit but the being absorbed in creating bit.

First few days back at work after sickness and this week is deadset hectic. One highlight was seeing this beautiful stone again. This stone belongs to a really lovely lady and while I have worked on this ring, it was not originally made by me. But it's funny how in a crazy day I still get joy from just taking a minute to role a stone around in the light. It's not the whitest stone or the cleanest but I think it's perfect just how it is. Always a pleasure seeing this client and stealing this beauty of her finger for a clean and polish.

Pink and white and yellow. This ring was previously made by another jeweller who did a really nice job on the make but not so great on the setting. Unfortunately for the client it was better for us to remake it than try and repair the original settings. She can now wear her ring with confidence knowing her precious stones are secure.

Chasing some inspiration today.

Nothing like a little pink and white trilogy.

Basking in the beautiful winter sun with my bae bronchitis... day dreaming up some new designs.

Every woman tells me that their hands are ugly. Who cares about ugly hands anyway when you have a big beautiful ring.

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