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J o d i e 🌻  - Luna-Pearl🌙 - New Mama🌿 - Little squares of our life📷

🌿🐶a girl & her bestie. She’s obsessed with dogs, loves our two, both grandparents dogs and will wave and try to kiss any dog walking past.

B e s t i e s 🌻I feel so lucky that I’ve met some amazing ladies & their babas whilst on maternity leave, we still see each other once if not twice a week and it’s so nice to watch these guys grow up together and become the best of friends 💕 love our adventures!

🌛Excited for a day of fun with my little bestie tomorrow! She’s recently dropped her afternoon nap & now just has her morning one. But she’s also been waking at 6 every morning! Hoping it’s just a phase as I miss her 7.30 wake ups! 😂😴

🌻🖤The weekend! Our fave part of the week. Also how is she 18months old today?!

🌞What an unexpected nice day. She’s jabbering so much at the moment and it’s so nice to see her picking up words & asking for things! Love my days with her 🌻

🍦What a lovely weekend, recovering from being poorly, beach visits, dancing in the park & now we’re snuggling on the sofa 🤗

🌙This is how we feel about bath time! We love it! Brushing our teeth afterwards... not so much! 🤦🏽‍♀️ recently she has been pushing her tongue in the way of the toothbrush and it’s so tricky to get to her top teeth! How are your little ones with teeth brushing? Any tips?

🌺Evening! Haven’t posted for a few days, we’ve been so busy having fun in this beautiful weather! Are we even British if we don’t discuss the weather with everyone we see?! 😂 to the lady in the co op today it was ‘so hot isn’t it!’ 🤦🏽‍♀️ on another note I’ve just ordered something soooo beautiful for Luna’s new room & it was such a bargain! Can’t wait to show you all 🤭

Had such a busy couple of weeks so was so nice today to have a slow morning & friends over to play in the new house. I feel like the majority of my feed is pics of this babe outside at the moment but she would literally spend hours here at nanny&pops’ staring at the birds & playing with stones! It’s her fave place to be 🤗

🌸Had a lovely day of family time & off to a mini family festival tonight which I have a feeling this one will enjoy staying up late and partying!

🍋Missed this little lemon over the past two days whilst at work, she’s settled more now in the new house but now I’m nervous about moving her into her big girl room in a few weeks when we’ve finished decorating incase it unsettles her again! This parenting business is stressful!

🌿My little wild child

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