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Go Pink Racing🏁  19 year old female motorbike racer🏁 Riding round in circles on my standard Honda moto3🏍 Believing girls can do it too👩🏼 Go find us on facebook👇🏻

Have a #flashbackfriday from my first season racing on the minigp70!!

Check out that ✨shine on george😍

Got Monday blues!👎🏻 6 days till bike time!🚲🚲 George’s probably forgotten what he does!😂

See you next week george!!👋🏻👋🏻 the excitement is kicking in!!

Getting George dressed and ready for his holidays tomorrow💪🏻 man he’s such a pretty bike😍❤️

Harvey the apriliaRRV450r is still up for sale.. he’s back on eBay this week.
Perfect bike for someone looking to get out for there first season on a big bike.

If your looking or know anyone looking please let them know! He has a decent spares package too💪🏻

Just 3 days till george goes on his holidays.. and 9 days till we fly!🤫🤫
I can’t wait to get out to a new track.. winters been too long!!

Keep doing what your doing and don’t let no one stop you💪🏻

Is it time to go testing yet?? #needsomemeandmybiketime

Tried something new today.. bit of motocross😜
Mega day, the poor crf didn’t know what hit her🙈😂

2018, what a year you’ve been, there’s been ups, and downs, but it’s been amazing and I couldn’t ask for better.
2019, I’m ready for you💪🏻
Happy new year everyone, I hope you have a good one

2018, what a year you’ve been☝🏻

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