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Are you saying NUP TO THE CUP this year?

Love horses? Want to spend your Cup Day with like-minded people and raise money for animals? These are the events for you, and they’re happening all across Australia!

Let’s make the first Tuesday of November FOR the animals!

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Dominion è il nuovo film che denuncia la violenza sugli animali di ogni specie, scritto, diretto e realizzato da Chris Delforce, dell'associazione australiana Aussie Farms. Racconta in modo estremamente toccante gli orrori dello sfruttamento animale in ogni settore, ma soprattutto in quello degli allevamenti per l'alimentazione umana.

Attraverso le immagini catturate dalle telecamere nascoste all'interno di allevamenti e macelli, e le riprese effettuate dai droni telecomandati, il regista riesce a farci davvero percepire dentro di noi con grande forza, l’estrema sofferenza degli animali, la loro disperazione, il loro grido di aiuto.

Il film è stato doppiato in italiano da AgireOra Network. Ringraziamo Chris Delforce per averci concesso di doppiare il film e distribuirlo in Italia.

Il sito del film:

#italia #film #agireora #italian #documentario @dominionmovement #dominionmovement

**Greyt news - bust out a zoomie!**
Dr Buzz called with Phoebe’s results. The lump was a histiocytoma (benign tumor). All the margins were clear which is good. Despite it being benign it was important it was removed because it grew so quickly and there isn’t much skin to work with on the nose, trying to close a larger wound would have been difficult. Phoebe’s geriatric blood test results are also great, even better than last time. We are trying for 14 days before sutures are removed as greyhound skin is very thin and we want the best healing possible.
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One A4 piece of paper. That's how much extra space the Morrison Government has said is 'enough' extra space for sheep condemned to live export ships... where they will STILL struggle to lie down and reach food and water... for weeks at sea. 😢 The Australian government has turned its back on animals, the community, vets and science... and sided with wealthy live exporters instead. 😡 Angry? ACT by heading to the link in our profile. #NotEnough #EndLiveExport

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The printed collection of all my Glossary cartoons from the past two years, including many original sketches, and all in FULL COLOUR! 108 pages in all. It's a nice size too, it's 205mm (or 8 inches) square.
Shipping is worldwide, price is £15 plus shipping, and you can buy it via eBay, via this link:
or this one:

Phoebe is home from the vets and surgery went well but she still has her wobbly boots on. Histology will take 5-7 days to find out if it is a mast cell tumour. Sutures will be removed in 10-12 days, so Phoebe will have to join the cone heads club until then.
I’m not concerned about the scar as it was more important for Dr Buzz to get the best margins than for Phoebe to win the dog show.
#phoebe #greyhoundsofinstagram #greyhoundsofig #theinstagreyhound #adoptagreyhound #rescuednotretired #dogsofig #dogsofinstagram #endgreyhoundracing #bangreyhoundracing #petsnotbets #backtheban #shutitdown #greyhoundsafetynet #dontbetoncruelty #companionsnotcommodities

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