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Fighting the spring fevers with some fresh air and sidewalk chalk. #oliveandgeorgia

We laughed so hard... it’s chocolate frosting, not bat wings. #kidsaretheworst

Needing to eat Keto at an Italian family restaurant? Get a family sized side of sprouts and prosciutto. Then eat the whole thing in as few scoops as possible, using the ginormous serving spoon!

The girls are SO excited for kindergarten. They ask for homework daily and play teachers non-stop. It is a very strange transition in parenting, but I’m excited for them to grow and learn and give their teachers some hilarious stories to tell. I guess we’ll spend the next few months cramming since they have basically played in the mud for five years. #teachermom

After the desegregation of American public schools, there was a movement for “Freedom of Choice” in which segregation legally continued for a time. Please remember, as new schooling options are pushed by slick rich politicians, that “Freedom of Choice” was and still is legal segregation. #werebettertogether #diversitymatters #publicschool

Everyone has a favorite bedtime story. #oliveandgeorgia #readtoyourkids

They deserve so much more from school than to just not be left home alone, than to not be sexually abused, than to not be poisoned... We are fighting for what they deserve from school: a quality education, a love for learning, the confidence to go for whatever they are passionate about. Those things do take some funding. #120strong

They want to be teachers when they grow up. #oliveandgeorgia

We added a great book to our collection yesterday, God’s Very Good Idea. It’s the story of being made in God’s image, sin, forgiveness for all, and being a part of God’s family. The girls ended it by saying, “We need to tell everyone that we are all brothers and sisters!” We will surely be adding all of her books soon! @trillianewbell Thank you for telling kids about Jesus in a new and exciting way!

I am so proud of her! 🤦‍♀️💁‍♀️ #kidsaretheworst

Happy Siblings Day to my super awesome seeesterrrrs! We need an updated photo, and a sister Kings Island trip, and a spa day, and cruise... I love you guys!

For so long now, I’ve felt like my life’s only purpose has been to do every single thing for them (wipe bottoms, brush teeth, cut food, make new food because that food was cut too small, put shoes on the right feet, get them to sleep, get them to sleep again, buckle seatbelts, comb their hair, etc etc etc) and that is an exhausting life. I prayed for their independence... and I got it! They are the ultimate “Do it Yourself” kind of girls. Now that they are craving more freedom to do things their own way, it’s actually hard for me to give it to them. I want to brush their teeth (which I will not quit doing until they can drive because CAVITIES), and I want to braids their hair, and I want to watch them play even if I’m not allowed to play anymore, and I want to make cute little smiley face lunches. Motherhood is so weird like that. Anyway, here they are being all cute and using mouth wash like their grown. 😢 #oliveandgeorgia

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