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I'm waiting for mall security to stop me for kidnapping my own kid during a tantrum chase. Luckily, I kind of have proof of ownership with an identical twin. #olliesue #kidsaretheworst #twinlife

Not exactly teal, #target, but it's a keeper anyway. #beachready #nsv

Free Family Portraits by Georgia
#littleartist #familyportrait #georgialou

I've got plenty of unicorns in my life, I'll stick to cinnamon. #starbucks #targetmom #oliveandgeorgia

World's Best Dad Award 🌈#litebrite #childhoodunplugged

#tbt to Baby Mountain. I can remember that back and knee pain like it was yesterday... oh that's right, because it still hurts 4 years later! #twinpregnancy #twinmom

"Nothing compares... oh nothING compares... nothing compares 2 U!" #oliveandgeorgia #twinstagram #sinead4life

Georgia, the nuttiest little fruitcake. She said she is real worried about that missing shoe but doesn't have time to look for it. #georgialou #shoequeen

I almost gave up on my call to teach today. You see, there used to be a big potted palm tree plant on that bench there, until a mouse jumped out of it this morning and nearly landed on my foot. I screamed so loud it ruined the rest of that class period (the kids all went nuts because I went nuts- mostly making fun of me). I would have rather had a snake, you guys! I hate mice. The little guy got into the cabinets so we used chairs to barricade him in with a sticky trap. I got rid of that plant ASAP. Now that my heart rate has returned to a normal pace, I've decided to continue teaching... unless the trap is empty tomorrow! #iteachfourth #teachersfollowteachers #teacherdiaries

I must be doing something right as a mom. The girls made this shrine to me in their bedroom. #kidsaretheworst #imeanbest #momgoals

I usually tell about their wild and crazy antics, but I don't brag on these sweet girls enough. I got the urge to deep clean the bathrooms today and they decided to clean their room, "make" their bed, and then read to to each other for 30 minutes. They are so good. And they haven't even asked for payment yet. ;) #oliveandgeorgia #twinlife

"But then Jesus arose with our freedom in hand. That's when death was arrested and my life began!" Happy Resurrection Sunday, guys! 🌻🌷

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