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Jo Chieng  minimalist. my silence holds many words.

waking up an hr early to prepare #lunch can be kinda therapeutic. lunch today - grilled ribeye #steak, bell pepper, baby corns and whole wheat penne. #eatclean #bulkingseason #mealprep #gains #morninglight

beating the tropical heat with an ice cold beer, feels as if we are on a vacation lunching by the yachts and the acoustics band playing at the back. @reego

#uni anytime anywhere! @karen____tan

obsessed. @roxanne_yoga

"i think everything in life is art. what you do. how you dress. the way you love someone, and how you talk. your smile and your personality. what you believe in, and all your dreams. the way you drink your tea. how you decorate your home, or party. your grocery list. the food you make. how your writing looks. and the way you feel. #life is #art."

dream a little dream. #capturedbyjochieng

trying hard to gain some mass. the wood-fired #bread here is really good!

artsy saturday with my handicapped friend. @joeyfengjy


perfect date night with izakaya dinner, followed by #whisky #bar. lucky you @ngian

“when you've seen beyond yourself, then you may find, peace of mind is waiting there.”

i concluded that as we age (me, per se), we tend to start our day rather early. but it doesn’t seem to apply to my most of my peers though. in any case, this is my sunday morning after a crossfit sesh - love the vibes and food here!

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