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Jo Chieng  minimalist. my silence holds many words.

happy #happy #birthday 🥥🌴 @ngian @joeyfengjy may you have more 🍔🍟🍿🍕🍾🍺 to fill your round belly! 😏

offsite at a fund symposium today, not often (in fact not at all) that you get to spend a full day with these fellas on a typical workday. @b_r_i_a_n_e_o @ruozhiq @kattielim

quick #brunch stopover at this amazing artisanal #bakery, cant wait to come back on a weekend to try the rest of their bakes!

truly, some kind of wonderful. #dawn #sunrise #nofilter #sunsetseekerjo

the best #luxuryhotel and resorts in the world, in the most incredible locations - that’s how people who have visited them describe #amanresorts. though it was a short stay, thank you for the exquisitely tailored personal service. #oneamanatatime #amandesign #capturedbyjochieng

“some steps need to be taken alone. it’s the only way to really figure out where you need to go and who you need to be.”

there comes a time when the only way to start living is to tell the truth. to be who you really are, even if it’s dangerous.

exactly ten years ago i went on my first solo #trip to nepal, where i also did my first #hike. ten years on, i‘ve done plenty of hikes across many regions. and hopefully in the next ten years, my pair of active legs will continue to bring me to significant heights (hikes)! on a side note, i had a really attentive and solid guide with me today and i highly recommend anyone who’s keen to hike when you’re in #yogyakarta @mendhol_guide_merapi_merbabu_

rewarded with this beautiful #sunrise view in central java after five hrs of (i was hungry, sleepy, and it was freezing) challenging hike to the summit which started at midnight! gotta be my most painful #hike to date. #sunsetseekerjo

before I left work on fri, my boss asked where i’d be traveling to for my block leave. when i said #yogyakarta, she replied “oh good, the sun there will be hotter for you!” haha i guess it isn’t hard to guess what a creature of habit like me will be up to on a #holiday.

snuck away for some solitary, and found a slice of #paradise as soon as i arrived. #amanresorts

in my opinion, home isn't a place, it’s a person. i hope everyone finds that home, someday. its my privilege to shoot pre #weddingphotography for a very good friend of mine today. may you two always feel at home, no matter where you are x #capturedbyjochieng #love #leica #leicaq

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