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Jo Chieng  minimalist. my silence holds many words.

two days in a row for this wholesome bowl of chopped brûlée bananas atop a mesh of oats and grains, love it so much i shall attempt making my own at home!

a walk in the park. #capturedbyjochieng #leica

succulent #beef tongue #sandwich - prob the best thing that happened today, after a day of nonstop phone calls in a dicey market condition. tomorrow will be a better day!

awesome food and great ambience! friday’s hot date with my fav lunch buddy. how did we get along so well? @onivorypetals

sometimes just the sight of a tree or a #sunset can smack you with the power of every tree or sunset you have ever seen and there’s no way to protect yourself. there is no possible way of living in a world without books, trees or sunsets. #sunsetseekerjo

when all your #friends are in #bali at the same time, you end up having a hectic schedule like in singapore! @sheila_sim @joeyfengjy @ngian @misterb3n

what an organic lunch, great food and convos! good to see you @valenciayang, see you in singapore soon! @sheila_sim

enjoy all the wonderful things you deserve, and understand that happiness is a birth right, not a privilege. #sunsetseekerjo

joie de vivre. @sheila_sim #jsdoubletrouble

with only two hrs of sleep the last two nights and a nasty shoulder tendonitis, i don’t rem how i survived this morning hike which started as early as 2am. if you zoom in, you can see my pair of black nike flyknits is ruined and the right sole has fallen apart. amidst all, am having a great time in bali!

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