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Jordan Chambers  Manhattan Beach, CA // Dallas, TX #aerieambassador @smu_axo

Cheesin for the long weekend😝

Cheersing cuz this bish is coming to smu next year 🥳💥🤩 #ponyup

Not prom

Warning long post ahead: All throughout high school I would facetune myself in photos. I was absolutely addicted to it and it would go so far as to where I would have photos of groups be taken on my phone and I would edit myself in every single one before I sent it to other people in fear of the “real” me being seen. I used to believe that if I could look like the Photoshop version of myself then I would be happy. Even though that couldn’t be further from the truth.

When I joined Aerie I had to promise that I would not facetune myself in photos aka I could not whiten my teeth, smooth my skin, and most importantly not reshape my body. At first this absolutely terrified me to my core. However I took this as an opportunity to challenge myself and try to become confident in my own skin.

While still not 100% comfortable with not retouching my pics yet, I have learned that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and that the industry has held us to this insane standard making us think that if we have stretch marks, cellulite, or even if we’re bloated that we aren’t good enough.

Aerie has allowed me to not only love my body but to be confident in it and to be brave enough to not have used facetune since August. I believe by not using facetune that it has directly affected my self-esteem and my body confidence and that is why I am so excited that Aerie launched the campaign: Love The Swim You’re In. For the month of April, every unretouched photo you post in a bathing suit with #AerieReal, Aerie will donate $1 (up to 50k) to @neda for every post. Please join @aerie, @catherinemcnaghten, @cela.zanini, and me in challenging beauty stereotypes and showing that every woman is beautiful.

#aeriereal #aerieambassador #aeriepartner #lovetheswimyourein

Paris, you’ll truly be missed...stressful flight connections? Not so much

The ultimate traveling buddies; couldn’t imagine Paris with anyone else🥰

Looking back on the insta blackout like...

Trying to use my middle school French the best I can

This is @grace_randall_17, if you don’t know her you’re missing out

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