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J O C E L Y N N E F L O R  ✨ Lifestyle & wellness blogger in Toronto 〰 Managed by @counterculture.agency ✉️ jocelynneflor@gmail.com


My 2017 Holiday Wellness Gift Guide is NOW LIVE — link in bio ✨
This year I wanted to shift the focus from shopping mall madness and share all the small/Canadian brands I love! I put together a list of wellness products that double as great gifts and a way to re-connect with yourself and the people you love.

From now until Dec 22 I’ll be doing a GIVEAWAY via my stories so stay tuned 🌝

the morning after 😴 styling and shooting food with @wellnessbyjehanne reminded me how fun (but stressful) it is to play with your food and make it pretty sometimes ✨
we were sooo tired by the end but HEY always make time for things and people you care about even if you’re falling asleep 😂😂

ps you can use my code JOCELYNNE to get 15% off your #danielwellington watch so you can keep track of time without looking at your phone 3647385 times and be more ✨in the moment✨ #ad @danielwellington

uncomfortable. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Had the pleasure of practicing with @yaz.thespaz today — me and my “millennial shoulders” are thankful ✨ #movenourishbloom #doingthings #yogawithyaz 👀

shifting my own focus this holiday season towards supporting small businesses and more meaningful consumption//gifting✨ — been working on something exciting come December, but for now here’s a beautiful Queen West gem you can shop this “Black Friday” ...whatever that means lol #supportlocal📍 @thecureapothecary

highlights of this weekend — friends helping friends create, people watching in a cafe window, shared meals with great conversations ✨ the ‘little’ things are the biggest things to me. Riding this wave of fulfillment and gratitude into the rest of the week 〰 #movenourishbloom // What was the highlight of YOUR weekend?
cc: @alwaysxalways @icedtrappucino @axhleyaustin 💗

can we have growth without fear? 🌿 I get rooted in fear sometimes because I’m afraid I’ll lose myself in the process of moving forward. But I’m also afraid to stay the same. If I dismiss fear, I might also be dismissing an opportunity to grow.

My stomach has been in knots for two weeks — the same feeling of being at the top of a rollercoaster. Something big is in the books and my mind has been telling me to jump. So I will. #movenourishbloom
📷 @johannaroblestam

Woke up not feeling the greatest, and in times like these I switch out my regular peppermint halo for @sajewellness immune blend. What do you do when you feel like you’re coming down with something? 🤒

I used to immediately throw back some Buckley’s and call it a day, but over the years I’ve noticed I’m sick for even longer if I do that. Ride it out, stay hydrated, nourished, and REST! Throw some essential oils in the mix and you’re good to go ✨#movenourishbloom #spreadwellness

You can do anything, but you can’t do everything 〰 Just signed up for a month unlimited at @mokshauptownscw and I cannnnnnot wait ✨ I love my home practice but lately I’ve been needing more guidance (and motovation lol). I’m the type of person who thinks I can just do and learn everything on my own and I won’t ask for help until I can’t take it anymore. Soooo #sendhelp 🙋🏽‍♀️ #movenourishbloom #babygotbackbends

I love going away for the weekend, but there really is no place like home 〰

I would be lying if I said that blogging and taking IG photos is something I do “just for me” because in reality as creators don’t we all want SOME sort of recognition?

From my journal — 10/30/2017 “I want to create. And I want to be seen and heard. But I’m afraid nobody is watching or will want to watch.” If you’ve been watching and listening...thank you ✨

I started a photo journal series and I’m not quite sure what to make of it yet; it stemmed from my desire to explore a new creative space, get better with my camera technically, and to be able to express feelings + ideas I can’t really find the words for. The link is in my bio if you want to see the first part of the series. #movenourishbloom #vulnerableblogging

If you’re still saying “ugh I never get enough hours of sleep” STOP!!! — this is one of the most important things I learned at #SleepoverTO with @leavesoftreesto & @sleepcoachbeth last week

☁️ Have you ever stopped to think that the way we constantly speak negatively about our sleep habits can mentally prevent us from winding down and getting a good night’s sleep? If you can’t fall asleep, try just resting or meditating using @sleepcoachbeth’s ‘square breath’ technique (If you saw my story the other day you know what I’m talking about haha) What are your fave ways to wind down at night? Building good sleep habits are like any other goal — when you have a negative mindset from the start, then you’re setting yourself up to fail!

P.S! you can use the code JOCELYNNE to get 15% off any @danielwellington watch to help you keep track of how much sleep you’re getting😉 #danielwellington #ad

Rainy day, rainy mood ☁️ Bought a bunch of lavender for a friend who is having a not okay time right now. (I’m the friend) But it’s okay not to be okay sometimes 💗 #ITSOK #loveyourself2k17

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