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Girl cat isn't great at getting herself fully on the yoga mat but she is working on a mean shavasana #yogacat #catsofinstagram

Well I guess this will have to count as our winter snowstorm #philly #snowday #nofilter

Such wisdom #daydrinking

Finding hidden treasures in #philly

Getting some really fun 🌨️ flurries in Philly today

Who doesn't want their cat partially standing on their face? I mean really 😜 #circleoflifemoment #catsofinstagram

That lazy Sunday morning feeling #catstagram

It's a cat in a box 🎶 #ififitsisits

Some great travels and memories with people I love! Hope to travel more in 2017 ✈️🚘🚅 #bestnine2016

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone! Whether you're with family, a family you chose (ie kickass friends) or are keeping it simple and snuggling up with your fur family I'm sending you lots of love and hope for the days ahead ❤️❤️❤️

Philly, you've got some crazy cloud action going on tonight #phillylove

Cat folder you say? Hmm, tell me more rental Kia....