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her process by jo bozarth  🎧ladies centric creative podcast - artistic inspo in every episode - link ☟| California girl | L.A. has my ♡ |

My guest today is singer, songwriter, @shelleysegal. Shelley's been called the "pin up girl for the Atheist movement". Raised in a Jewish family, Shelley opens up about questioning certain beliefs, the journey to finding answers that resonated with her as a human being and as a woman, and how this search led her to secularism. She shares how this quest, and ultimately the community she found helped shape her music...well, a good chunk of it anyway.
There's so much more to her story, and so much more to her art. We cover how her career took shape (she's played shows in several countries), and the different genres which have influenced her many sounds. And she explains the Patreon experience, and why she and her fans love it!
In opening up about her journey, Shelley illustrates a bit of her story through song. She chose what songs to play based on where we were in our chat. You guys, I was so touched by this beautiful voice and this beautiful soul.
I'm incredibly honored to share with you one of the most moving and thought provoking talks I've had. ~link in bio

Want a couple of minutes of motivation? Listen to this week's bonus micro pod ft. Emmy Award winning actress, @crystalchappell! ~link in bio

A bob haircut is much more conducive to hat wearing. 💇🏻

Ep. 34 of Her Process, featuring @crystalchappell is LIVE!
Today's show is a wonderful, caffeine fueled chat, where we cover a lot of topics! We talk about how and why Crystal got into acting. She gives us a sense of how she approaches the craft and the characters she's played. We cover her huge web success, @venice_the_series , and how she's been leading the way in the new media arena, and navigating the pieces of that puzzle. We discuss her feature film, A Million Happy Nows, and so much more!
Check it out! ~link in bio

If you love Bowie, go see it.
If you're an artist of any kind, go see it.
The photographs, the music, the interviews...the experience is what I think church should feel like.

I want to live here.

I often need this reminder.
~ From Corita Kent's Rules and Hints For Students and Teachers. Rule # 8.

Fernando: loves a good selfie.
Jo: has long arms.
We're so meant for each other. ❤🐾

This week's #HerProcess episode is actually a micro podcast that runs a little over fifteen minutes and features so many little gems from milliner, Shurie Southcott, aka @ladybhatter!

The questions I'm asking Shurie pertain to artists if all disciplines. Think of this as a short, sweet, and super fun P.S. to my full length chat with Shurie from last week.

Didn't hear last week's episode yet? Haven't seen the gorgeous photos of Shurie's creations? Want show notes from the micro pod? Just pop on over to the Her Process website. Shurie is featured on episodes 33 and 33.5! ~link in bio

Who's playing outside today?

Today on the Her Process podcast, I'm super excited to share my chat with milliner, Shurie Southcott ( @ladybhatter )! We discuss the history and importance of hats throughout the decades, and we ponder how and when they sort of fell out of style. Well, now they're back in a big way, and Shurie tells us how she's doing her part to usher hat wearing, and the hat experience and everything it represents, back into fashion.

She shares how she became a milliner, where she gets her inspiration, and lets us in on what goes into the making of hats as far as the process, the fabrics and materials she uses, the different styles, how she charges for her art, and so much more!

Shurie has great stories, and is so knowledgeable about her craft. If you aren't already, this episode will definitely turn you into a hat person! ~link in profile

A morning stroll, LA style.

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