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her process by jo bozarth  🎧: host of ladies centric creative podcast - link ☟| writing & acting in LA | 🌞CA girl |

Spent the weekend with dear friends learning about dimensional thinking and quantum physics...about raising our vibrational energy to match that of the universe. 📷 taken at one of the most spiritual places I know. Maybe we should head here for our next gathering!

Fernando loves Cayucos. All of the beaches are dog friendly! 🐾

Her Process Ep. 38.5 is LIVE! @mayamusicx is back on the pod with seven minutes of awesome info. As an artist, I've been sort of anti-representation lately, and I have to say, Maya makes the best argument for having representation that I've heard yet. In fact, every bit of inspiration and advice she gives is thoughtful and so much fun! I promise, you'll get so much good stuff out of this 7 min micro pod. Have a listen! ~link in bio

Ep. 38 is live! I'm chatting with singer, songwriter, @mayamusicx! We talk about her experience of being on The Voice, Australia, and she shares who she thinks could benefit from being on a show like The Voice, and when in one's career an artist should do it.
We talk social media, lyric and song writing, booking gigs, and so much more! And if you want to hear some absolutely awesome electric jazz, listen through to the end of the show! ~link in bio

The Her Process micro pod is like an espresso shot of inspiration! Ep. 37.5 features Amy Crosby, singer and front woman for the band @officialshittingglitter!
Swipe through to see Amy on stage and at SF Pride.
Check out the podcast and more by clicking on the...~link in bio!

A new episode of Her Process goes live today, and I'm chatting with Amy Crosby, singer and front woman of the band @officialshittingglitter!
Amy, a veteran of the Los Angeles music scene, gives us insight into the evolution of a vocalist and her band, and why members have come and gone. She also shares what type of musician she's determined to be the best fit for how she likes to work.
After a bit of a hiatus, Amy is performing with her band, Shitting Glitter, as part of the Nasty Woman Concert Series. She co-founded and is the creative director of the show, which takes place in Long Beach, CA THIS weekend, July 8th!
To find out more about the concert, and about Amy, click the ~link in bio!

It's the Her Process podcast bonus episode! Just after recording episode 36, I asked comic book artist and author @yumisakugawa to stick around and answer twelve questions that pertain to artists of all disciplines. Her answers were so unique and awesome that, at some points, I actually had to force myself to move on to the next question! I mean, it is a 5(ish) minute micro pod, after all! Check it out! Episode 36.5 ~link in bio

Today I'm chatting with comic book artist and author, @yumisakugawa!
I personally have several of Yumi's books, including her latest title, "The Little Book Of Life Hacks, How to Make Your Life Happier, Healthier, and More Beautiful". Yumi writes and draws feelings...feelings we can all relate to. And she conveys these feelings and tells stories in a way that is very human, and at the same time just so magical. On the pod we talk books, comics, zines, traditional publishing, self publishing, tools of the trade, inspiration, and so much more! Whether you're a writer, an illustrator, or any kind of artist who is looking for inspiration, this episode will ignite that creative flame! ~link in bio

Here's a (not so subtle) hint at this Thursday's Her Process podcast guest!

As they gazed lovingly into each other's eyes...or something like that. 📷: @ag457

Location, location, location. (We may need to relocate to Idyllwild.)

Ep. 35.5 is LIVE! It's a 10-ish minute rapid fire q & a with singer, songwriter, @shelleysegal!
We talk about life on the road, how she knows when she's onto something good creatively, representation, and so much more! All in 10 minutes? Yep!Check it out ~ link in bio

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