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her process by jo bozarth  ladies centric creative podcast - link ☟| California girl | L.A. has my ♡ | [email protected]

I'm talking calligraphy with Nariné of @the.grits on the podcast today! We cover everything from developing your own style to how to price your calligraphy services. Nariné shares her online resources for materials, courses, and community. There's so much good info in this half hour episode! Check it out! ~link in bio

Dad, today is the anniversary of the day you left this world. I made some tea and randomly grabbed a record from your collection. The music...I know you're talking to me through these songs. Each one has a message from you. It's almost like you handed it to me. I think maybe you did. Thank you. I miss you.

Musician, @leahcapelle, is back on Her Process for a bonus 15-ish minute micro-pod!
Today, Leah talks about those pre-show jitters, and why she appreciates them. She speaks honestly about creative and emotional block. And, we chat about what types of representation she feels would be most valuable to her at this stage of her career.
We managed to fit a lot of good stuff in this little episode! Check it out!
~link in profile

LA was blanketed in clouds this morning. Just when I think our little city can't get any more magical...

Her Process podcast is going live two days early this week, because my guest, @leahcapelle is playing @thehotelcafe this Wednesday, and I want you guys to be able to hear what makes this talented lady tick, then go see her in action!
On the pod, we talk about everything from vocal training (and what can go wrong without it) to the importance of doing music videos, to the future of the music industry. She also walks us through the process of bringing her latest song to life. I learned so much during our chat! I hope you have as much fun listening as we had recording!

You'll find a link to get tickets to Leah's show on the Ep. 31 page of the Her Process web site. ~link in bio

Looking for a podcast to listen to this weekend? This is what I'll be listening to!
PS. Tap the pic to find these rad lady podcasters on IG! #ff

Hooptown Hottie, @missmojangles, is back for fifteen minutes of fun on today's Her Process micro pod!
We talk about representation in her unique artistic situation, the fun way she gets over a creative hump, where she's most creative, and how visualization comes into play as part of her creative process. So much good stuff squeezed into a short amount of time! Check it out! ~ link in bio

Kicking March off right, with this quote from hooper/performance artist, Morgan Jenkins (aka @missmojangles)!
Her passion for her art is inspiring, and her positive energy is contagious! Check her out on the Her Process Podcast, Ep. 30! (And micro pod Ep. 30.5...out tomorrow!)
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"Just because" mail is the best mail. Sending out these beauties from @the.grits today.

I woke up in #Coachella .

On the podcast today, Hoopie Awards 2017 Hooper of the Year, USA, Morgan Jenkins (aka @missmojangles)! Before recording this episode, Morgan gave me a quick hooping lesson in my backyard, and it got my blood pumping! Yes, it's a workout, but it is also definitely an art form! In fact, Morgan explains how hooping is called a movement meditation, and she talks about ambient hooping as part of the flow arts.
Morgan is part of a hoop troupe called Hooptown Hotties, and their motto is "You can hoop with us." Don't you love that? I've never come across a more inclusive and supportive community of artists.
Morgan uses her background as a camera assistant in the TV and film industry to make the most amazing hooping videos you've ever seen! (Links to her web sites on Morgan's Her Process page.)
We also talk social media, and how Morgan has been able to utilize it to further her career, while remaining true to herself.
I had so much fun chatting with Morgan! And I swear, after hearing this episode, you're going to want to grab a hoop and go for it! ~link in bio
#hooping #hooplove

Love this shot of this week's podcast guest, Nariné Riley of @the.grits, doing her thing! Letterpress fans, check out Ep. 29 to hear about Nariné's letterpress process. And, check out Ep. 29.5 to hear Nariné answer questions that pertain to artists of any and all disciplines! ~link in profile
(📷 courtesy of Nariné's husband 💛)

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