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Brows done ✔️
Mani, Pedi ✔️
Hair washed ✔️
House cleaned ✔️
Bags at the door ✔️
I can say with almost certainty that the baby will not arrive until Oct 5th 😬
Anyway, just found this account @dreamywhiteslifestyle for those who like all things white, sure have a snoop!
Now to start deleting my camera roll to make room for a new monkey head 🤪

3 weeks in and I can honestly say that I'm loving using the The TRESemmé Botanique range so far (I haven’t used anything else). My hair is easier to detangle, it's shiny and feels hydrated but not heavy. I always wash and rough dry my hair in the evening time and then style it the next day and I'm finding that it's a lot less wild in the mornings after blasting it!
#Ad #BeYourOwnPro

@devolkitchens where have you been all my life 😍 Do we likey? What do we all think of a shiplap wall? 😍

The present to beat all presents. Hand knitted by my Mams bestie @maryduffy1064 😭 I literally can’t wait to wear it. It’s heavier than a coat and I’m pretty sure you won’t see me in anything else until next April. Thanks so much Mary 😭❤️

Going in..... If you are looking for the ultimate in comfort food then look no further than THIS. It’s a ‘Blackberry and Coconut Bakewell (I had a few strawberries about to go off so I flung them in too) This is the easiest recipe ever and it’s by the gorgeous @sharonhearnesmith - I literally make this for the entire winter. Stays so moist for days 🤤🤤🤤 Pastry bottom and sponge top 😭

The last few days have ran as follows. Cleaning for 48 hours straight with ZERO sleep .... pains... false alarm, cleaning... was that another pain?... where’s the Moses basket... stint in Holles Street... sh*t... clean out that press... where’s the bouncer we had?... did we own a carry tot or borrow one?... Was that a contraction?... Well, I’m not ready... I still need to pick up a few bits in Ikea and Liffey Valley AND we haven’t a single name that we agree on 😅
On the first one, I was ready and twiddling my thumbs at 25 weeks. This one, I’m. all. over. the. shop.
Think I might just be finally ready though, so I’m spending the night on Pinterest planning my A/W wardrobe (obvs 2019 😭) So now that I’m ready, the baby won’t prob come until 15 days after my due date, just like its brother 😅
This is obviously not me, robbed from Pinterest 🙄🤪

Even being a hairstylist, I sometimes find it difficult to understand the different ingredients in some hair care products. There always seems to be a sea of the latest trendy buzzwords but no actual information. Well, the Botanique range from TRESemmé is a PRO product with a simple message! It’s made with natural ingredients like coconut milk and aloe vera (the smell is divine!). Secondly (and really important in my book) it contains NO silicones, NO parabens and NO dyes. Sometimes knowing what it doesn't contain is more important than what it does, do you agree? Anyway, if you have normal to slightly dry hair and are in the market for a new shampoo then check it out, I’m really feeling it!
#Ad #BeYourOwnPro"

I have to say, one thing that gives me a lift during this pregnancy is doing my hair and makeup. It's currently the only thing I have control over! But it is true what they say – beauty is less about how you look, and more about how you feel. I'm fairly low maintenance when it comes to makeup. Like, I have to wear something every single day but I tend to keep it natural and low key. My "pick me up" product is always a bit of cream blush and lashings of mascara. What's yours?
I've teamed up with Boots Ireland to create a makeup look using a mix of beauty favourites. See more on stories. Again, don't laugh at my makeup efforts. My videos are for those short of time and in need of a quick boost!
#Sp #MyBootsIRL #BootsIreland

Skin: Sleek Hydrating Primer mixed with 1 drop of the No7 Custom Blend Foundation Drops in Cool Ivory.
Bronzer: C.Y.O Contour Stick.
Highlight: Sleek Solstice Highlight Palette
Cheeks & Lips: Sleek Blush by 3 Palette
Eyeshadow: C.Y.O Pigment Paints.
Mascara: No7 Lash Extender.
Brows: NYX 3-in-1 Brow Pencil
Brushes: Masq’d

This is my kind of set up. Old and new, Modern Bohemia in all its glory! 📷 by @anitayokota

Will have the Mammy’s famous apple tart on the blog tomorrow. Now, her pastry is more traditional but I went crazy with a leaf cutter. Btw, I started this blog post in 2016. That’s how I roll 😴
In other news, I’m still here. Can barely walk with PGP (never had it with Tom) the pain lads but nearly there 😜 Surviving on approx 3 hours of sleep, tripped over Lego, landed on my snot, bruised knee and hopped my head off the washing machine 😂😂😂I’m absolutely fine and so is baby 😬 I’m going to kill @alideehairstyle though for getting me hooked on all these cleaning accounts because now I really need another week before this baby gets here. I’M NOT READY, I didn’t realise I was such a slob until I start watching @mrshinchhome_x_ and @_ellenokeeffe Are you all following them? 🙈 🤪

I'm so so delighted to be working with the TRESemmé PRO Collection range. Over the next four weeks I will be using (and using only) The Botanique range. I chose this particular range because it's for normal hair which mine generally is, it's perfect for some gentle hydration and nourishment. There has been a HUGE amount of research gone into developing this collection so I'm really looking forward to trying it out - I’ll keep you posted how I get on! #Ad #BeYourOwnPro
Ps. Eh, btw my 3 year old took this photo 🙏🏻

For all the shorties 😬 throw a little clip-in hair piece in to fill out the gaps when doing a half up! Makes ALL the difference!

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