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Joanne Kelly O'Hara  Hairstylist Part-time blogger and full-time bogger.

The very beautiful Katherine wearing that robe oh so well!! Gorgeous makeup by @ailbhelynch ❤️

In the middle of finalising the design for our house. We’ll have no extension unfortunately 😭 (everything is soooo much more expensive than I thought 😏) but I’m slowly coming to terms with just making the most of the space we have. Do people have an interest in interior posts and before and after pictures or will I stick to the day job?! Love this living room by @studiomcgee ❤️

Yesterday he watched 3 matches and endless golf so I was 🤯🤬 BUT what can I say? He has the patience of an actual saint, he never ever raises his voice, never swears (not ideal because I always get the blame for Toms colourful vocab) I’m not into playgrounds, so when I go I like to grab a coffee, find a comfortable seat and watch from afar. Not Shane, he’ll walk, run, stand for hours once Tom has a smile on his face. He always changed ALL the nappies, he always gets up at night (🙈) and he always takes him out to give me lots of “mammy time”. He drives for miles to find organic meat, veg and bread to feed him and only buys him glass bottles of water to drink (🙄)- whereas I like to bring Tom on secret McDonalds dates and feed him cakes and chocolate. So thanks Shane for always being the better parent but also for never rubbing my nose in it 😐 (nb: he is also the most annoying human, can’t win ‘em all!) #happyfathersday

One of the looks from The Minimalist Class last week. In this one I showed how to put in clip-in extensions, cut them & blend them in, all while trying to maintain that glossy wave. I used the @t3micro Cascading wand. Prepped the hair with @lorealpro Pli and finished with one of my favourite new products @moroccanoil Mending Infusion - it’s my new favourite. Seals split ends, adds a little shine but is not greasy AT ALL! Thanks so much @eternalflair for introducing me to it 😛

When it’s only Tuesday but you’re already on Fridays underwear. #pottytraining 🤦🏼‍♀️

Thanks @katiek_hairstylist - You make me feel like a natural woman 🎶 In reality it took 6 hours and a team, but my gals in @thespacehairsoulbeauty are just on top of their game! Now if only ye could sort out the bags under my eyes 🤷🏼‍♀️

Lovely little country if only we could roof it ☀️ I don’t know how but I’ve no bump in this. Shane knows his angles, I taught him well. In reality I literally look like I’m due next week. Swore I’d be more active second time around 🤷🏼‍♀️

Mental health break to West Cork for a couple of days. Wondered if I was in another county would the pregnancy sickness subside. Apparently not. At least we’re in our favourite place though and the sun behaved - on the beach until nearly 8pm☀️☀️☀️

Off to the @yeahyeahyeahs in The Point🤷🏼‍♀️Not sure I’ve ever been sober listening to them before 😬 this should be fun! Sorry @lou_coates for not being a worthy drinking partner tonight 😭

One of the textured updo’s from Sunday’s bohemian class. Thanks again for modelling for me @megcicihair ❤️

Everyone went CRAZY for this bridesmaid dress from @ollieandmac_com ❤️

Ann-Marie ❤️
Makeup by @makeupmasters_debbie & @makeupmasters_sarahkate ✌🏻

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