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Sorry I haven’t been responding to my emails because this little man here is taking up all my time ❤️. I’m hoping to catch up on my emails this weekend. I’ve been out of it and try to squeeze in as much rest as I can. I try to sleep when he sleeps, that’s if I even get the chance to. It’s also a little difficult for us to even rest because sometimes we have to stay awake while he’s sleeping since he chokes and can’t breathe if he’s laying flat. Some nights we’re just up carrying him all night so that he can breathe. So... I’m a zombie, but all worth it. I absolutely enjoy motherhood.

Over the past weekend, our friends and fam threw us a baby shower. It was so beautiful. We feel so blessed that our baby is already loved by so many. He’s one lucky dude 💙
Thank you everyone that helped planned and make this happen. Thank you for celebrating with us and thank you for all the gifts. He’s so spoiled💙

Creative genius who decorated and put all this together: my sister in law @buneebee
Foods: mom, mother in law @agneschiakim , auntie in law @powerdaisy
Desserts: mother in law @agneschiakim
Entertainment: @kongerbonger
Favors: Janet
Set up : Thuan and Jason 💪
And many more that helped.
Thank you thank you thank you! #babyshower #kokjo

Soft shading
Client previously had hairstroke Embroidery (Microblading) but didn’t work out for her skin so we decided to do soft shading on her 🔹🔹 .
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