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Jo  Eyebrow Specialist Hairstroke Eyebrow Embroidery Trainer Bay Area - California All images & content are ©copyright.


Hairstroke Eyebrow Embroidery 🔹www.JoanneHinh.com🔹

Hairstroke Eyebrow Embroidery 🔹www.JoanneHinh.com🔹

Brows of models for our trainees. This week's students are super talented. So excited for them! 🔹www.JoanneHinh.com/training🔹

Hairstroke Eyebrow Embroidery 🔹www.JoanneHinh.com🔹

Big thanks to all my clients who have been so understanding and supportive of me. Sorry I haven't been responsive with my emails but thank you for understanding that I'm unable to these past few months
Still haven't been able to do my emails yet and I think I'm just going to remain not booking appointments through emails any longer. Please call the salon for booking or change in appointments.
After a long day of work and an hour drive home, my body can't handle sitting in front of the computer. I start feeling a lot of pain when I get home, possibly from the drive. I decided that recovering is so much more important to me so i have to rest as much as possible when I get home. This body pain I've been experiencing for over 5 months has taken so much quality of life from me. Thank God after 5 months I can actually feel progress just last week and starting to do normal things little at a time. No worries, I can still work ☺ I figured out a posture that keeps me from being in pain while working.
It's been such a roller coaster ride. Some days are good then some days are really bad. Now progressing and not slipping back.
For the longest time, I felt defeated because I've tried everything I could. 5 months of excruciating pains can drive one crazy. I finally found out what works for me and I've been consistent about it. Stretch every hour, physical therapy (manual work) every week and NUCCA chiropractic every week. I was really skeptical of NUCCA but it really works for me. For the first time in a long time, something gave me real hope. I instantly felt a difference. At first I would slip back from time to time but lately I've been only progressing. Just wanted to share what I've done in case anyone out there or knows of anyone going through the same pains from herniated disc in the neck. Also just want to add that not all physical therapist are the same. It's important to find the one that works for you. I often hear that physical therapy made it worse for some people. My therapist specializes in neck injuries and she doesn't make me do stretches during our time together. She manual does things to my neck that releases so much pressure.

Hairstroke Eyebrow Embroidery 🔹www.JoanneHinh.com🔹

Models cannot have previous work on brows. Please email brow pics to jo@joannehinh.com.
Retainer fee of $150 required. No other fees due. Includes touch up

Hairstroke Eyebrow Embroidery

More clients are asking for the subtle arch or Korean brows. I love!!:) 🔹www.JoanneHinh.com🔹

Hairstroke Eyebrow Embroidery (Cosmetic Tattoo) 🔹www.JoanneHinh.com🔹

My student's practice pad from Day 1. So proud.

I've been terrible with updating my IG. Didn't realize it's been weeks!
Hairstroke Eyebrow Embroidery (Semi-Permanent Makeup) 🔹www.JoanneHinh.com🔹
Sorry I don't check DM's. Please contact me through my website. Thank you!

Celebrating our 9 year anni today 🎉❤️. Don't think hubby is digging this look because it's too much makeup for him... although that's how we met🤔. Other than our wedding, I haven't gotten this dolled up in a long time. Even did my brows!! Without glasses on, I accidentally picked up a black liquid eyeliner and drew on my brows! Oh the panic and trying to rub that off without rubbing off my makeup😓

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