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🎨TransformEd🎨Creative Studio  Reggio Emilia inspired studio space and learning centre for children (birth-8yrs)+parents/educators. Transforming ECE as a teacher, consultant&mama!🇨🇦

Sneak peek of a collaboration I had with @kreativekitchenz !! Follow Michelle, a kindergarten educator who builds these outdoor mud kitchens herself !! I will be revealing the second piece I helped to design on my blog over the weekend. It was so much fun being able to offer suggestions and adding various elements like the mirrors. We also repurposed my old mud kitchen (here you can see my cooktop elements and brass knobs) and made the new one weather proof. Stay tuned to see what we planned for the sink area 💚! #followfriday 📸: @lemondropzphotography

Welcomed many new families into the studio this week. Here we have C.T. with her Mama @ali_tinker. (@nick_tinker). She is one of our youngest infants but oh so curious, alert, and ready to learn !!! 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛 Decided to post a story tonight of my own family. Proud of how well my children share their space with others !!

✨🌟 New 🌟✨ Want to spend time in my studio but can’t commit to six weeks? Due to the popular demand for a more flexible schedule and also the rate at which our Open Studio Days pack up, I will be offering them occasionally on Tuesdays from 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Wednesdays 11:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m., and Saturdays 3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. Please email me if you are interested. We can start as early as this Saturday... Ages 0-8 years are welcome to join !! It’s a great opportunity for multiple age groups, siblings, or even friend groups to attend together. I will continue to offer my Sunday Open Studio classes, but always make those a little *extra special* in relation to the seasons 💐🌧☀️🌳🍂🍎❄️☃️ or annual celebrations 🎉🌈🎉🌈!! (Side note 📝——— Both Mama and Baby have a good case of the messy hair don’t care 🤷‍♀️ but are loving life while making art - thanks to our volunteer @brittanyjorddan for this photo and helping us on Tuesday ! And thanks to @nicolestolys for also being so amazing with our families yesterday !! My volunteers are seriously the best !! We really love volunteers and are looking for some on Saturdays and some Sundays. Please let me know if you can think of a creative and reliable high school, college, university or individual who loves children that you’d recommend! I write reference letters, and give free workshops/training to anyone who helps us !!)

We had a superhero grace us with his presence yesterday ! To help celebrate his return to our program, I hosted a little welcome back party for his family and studio friends. This boy is quite honestly the strongest toddler in town ! It was so lovely to have his parents, two grandmothers, two uncles, two aunts, and two cousins join us for his return to the Discovery Days class. The TransformEd Creative Studio and Learning Centre was designed with family in mind and it was a true honour to see the beautiful support and love in this one !! @andge_o @anthony_orsi @nonnat57 @lidiafarano @mizzlamakzz @jesspanarese P.S. The bakery insisted they would remember the special message on his cake and wouldn’t let me write it down for them. It should read “superhero” not “super hero” 🙈 (for all those looking closely at my spelling).

Open Studio Sundays for Fall (no weekly commitment): September 30th is almost full, October 28th will be a costume craft day for Halloween, and November 25th a Christmas pyjama party with Santa. Email me to select your hour. Spaces are limited !!

My 2.5 year old son has been really interested in writing ✍️. Today he surprised me by saying that he wanted to send his picture through the printer to reach someone special. Watch my story to hear his little voice and find out what his motivation was ! #emergentwriting #markmaking #myevolvingwriter

Teachers and ECEs my studio tours/workshops for September are almost full... There is one spot left for September 26th from 5-7 p.m. and three spots left for September 30th 9-11 a.m. The topic is “Beginning the school year in a Reggio Emilia inspired way: How to design your space for inquiry learning.” Email me for details. P.S. What do you think of my new outdoor space? I can see music explorations, reading, dramatic play and so much more happening here !!!

Dear new families - please check your email tomorrow night, as I will be sending some last minute details before our first class begins next week ! Thanks for registering and we can’t wait to begin creating with you and making many special memories !!!

This is a moment I photographed of a Mother with her daughter in our Exploring Everywhere program for infants. I added it to her portfolio and have shared it in my stories. While on the topic of portfolios and documentation, I’d like to write a little post here to explain my current process to the educators who have been following me ... Normally in a kindergarten classroom I had the entire year to work towards creating a child’s portfolio. Though they are individualized, I tried my best to include group learning from the documentation I had also gathered in my inquiry project binders. Now that I run one hour a week sessions for 1.5 months to 3 months my portfolios had to change for obvious reasons (including having way more children than 30 throughout a given season on my own without the partnership of an RECE)! For this reason I pair what the child may have created with a large photograph to reflect that moment in time. The longer I spend with the child and family the more than I can incorporate my personal notes, any project work we might be investigating and so on. This is why I have now decided to only offer these types of hardcopy portfolios to children that register for a minimum of 12 weeks (3 months). I feel that true growth is seen over time. And it’s incredible even at the stage of an infant how a child might evolve from biting the paper or tearing the paper to actually using a paint brush or crayon to make their mark !!!!!! I’m blown away by this learning and can’t wait to continue documenting when we begin our programs next week. But for now I must get back to my studio setup before my littles wake up !!!! Happy weekend!!! (Artist A.R.C. and Mama @katrine_1111). P.s. I emailed all the digital photos last week to our summer groups and notified all those who had a hardcopy portfolio that it’s ready !! Seems some emails went to the junk mail. DM for yours. 🌈

Colour mixing with tin foil and black bubble wrap neatly in a ziplock bag ! I love these neon coloured paints, but even though they say washable they actually stain my counters quite badly !! This is a good no mess option !

Princess Lilianna Grace has a royal announcement to make, she says that you should follow some of these inspiring accounts for more creative ideas that are Reggio - inspired. P.S. She may have a crush on the little prince in the last photograph ! Scroll through to see @creative_explorations @i2learn @creativeplayideas. I will try and add their blogs for you in my stories. #followfriday

I’ve been a little quieter than usual on here trying to transition my preschooler. He’s still adjusting away from Mama but the cutest darn forest explorer there ever was !! Ready for all weather and discoveries !! Love you Sebby Dee !! You got this little buddy ! #sweetsebastiandean #naturepreschool #forestlearning

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