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Joanna Fowles  • Slower Process - natural dye and print • • • textile designer / researcher / artist

An evening of natural dye with UTS students. Turmeric and it's many beautiful shades.
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Untapped resource: coffee grounds. Turning waste into a resource for natural dyeing.
I'm thinking about the food waste in my local area in particular the university I tutor at and it's local coffee shops. Coffee ground waste is immense, we only have to think about how much coffee the population consumes and then imagine this on a global scale. The cafe upstairs from my workplace uses kilos and kilos of coffee each day. How can we divert this and use this resource? In one day we reclaimed a FIFTEEN litre bucket full of used grounds that would just go into landfill and won't be composted. Instead we are trying to divert a small amount of this waste in a local trial to see haw we can use it as a natural fabric dye. How could we upscale this on a larger scale? Utilise the dye qualities and then responsibly compost afterwards?
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Indigo cakes vibrating in the sun. Available in the @peopleofprocess shop
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Preparing for a new semester teaching natural dye methods to students at UTS

Eucalyptus results. I am so pleased I made a super strong bath using the wonderful silver dollar. The result on the left is scoured organic cotton and the right is the same organic cotton but with a soy milk mordant (see previous posts) what a difference in colour so much stronger.
My studio has smelt divine all day and my research via @dr_holistic_health informed me of some lovely facts about eucalyptus. • Eucalyptus trees are originally from Australia. • Whenever there is moisture in the air or after a rain, the air smells like a spa where ever there are eucalyptus trees. • Eucalyptus properties are anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, decongestant, deodorant, antiseptic, antibacterial, and stimulating.
• eucalyptus tea is good for congestion, stuffed up nose or sinuses.
• bathe in eucalyptus leaves and Epsom salt and the combo relieves body aches and pains. • Eucalyptus essential oil can be rubbed on painful joints caused by arthritis. • the oil Is insect repellent. soak the leaves with rosemary leaves in olive or coconut oil • Eucalyptus essential oil is used to kill lice and fleas. • Eucalyptus is strongly antiseptic and is a natural antibiotic that combats colds, flu, coughs, and lung infections such as bronchitis and pneumonia. • Diffusing drops of eucalyptus oil or crunching up eucalyptus leaves in a pot of simmering (not boiling) water and then breathing in the steam is effective against lung diseases. Great when hanging around Dye pots!
What a magical species. I am researching the health benefits of health giving herbs worn close to the skin I am sure the medicinal properties imbued in cloth could transfer to skin. Have any of you tried this? Have any of you felt different from wearing medicinal textiles close to skin to treat different conditions? I would love to hear your thoughts....
#plantsaremagic #naturaldyeasmedicine #naturaldye

Eucalyptus cinerea silver dollar - thanks @bloomsforrooms for donating this to the dye pot.
Shirt naturally dyed with @peopleofprocess indigo.

#naturaldye #naturalfibres #indigo #eucalyptus

Eucalyptus into the pot for today's dye job. The smell in the dye kitchen is divine as this pot bubbles away. Thanks @bloomsforrooms florist for supplying me with armfuls of silver coins. Tess gave me all of her discarded and dead flowers from the back of her van to do additional dye experiments.

Beautiful indigo pigment cakes from India styled and photographed by the superb @megan_morton
The colour is so intense reminds me of rich velvet or an Anish Kapoor sculpture.
Some beautiful dye workshops are in the pipeline and will be listed online soon.
If you want your own high quality indigo cakes just to stare at or dye with they are available through my website. 💙🙏💙🙏 #naturaldye #indigoappreciationsociety #indigo #blue #slowfashion

Little soy beans, soaked and strained several times to make homemade mordant milk. I didn't want to use shop bought milk as there are so many additives in the milk. Soy is full of protein so when cellulose fabric is soaked in the mordant milk it acts like a protein and colour sticks to it creating a stronger colour and a stronger bond; a win win! It's a slow process but well worth it.
It would be great to compare dye samples with cow milk too and see what the difference in colour is. Has anyone tried this?

#soymordant #soymilk #milkmordant #naturaldye #naturalfibres #slowfashion

Beautiful Cutch. I used to find brown a little boring but now I find it beautiful. Cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. Rich in tannin so no need for a mordant but if you do use a little bit of iron colours turns a rust conker brown and an almost black coloured magic can happen. It's naturally astringent and has been used in Ayurvedic medicine. Traditionally used to dye calico in india, tan hides and to preserve fishing nets and sails. A magic powder.
Do you use cutch? What browns do you get in your dye pot? I'd love to know... #plantsaremagic #slowdye #slowtextiles #naturaldye #naturalfibres

One pair of natural indigo harem pants completed for my son. This is a beautiful piece of resist batik printed indigo that I picked up in India, a shop that you can buy fabric by the kilo. It was a reject strike off sample as the dots weren't evenly printed, the indigo has some blotching and sun damage but I liked it anyway. I can smell the natural indigo in the fabric. It took all morning to make with my three year old assistant.
I am a self taught sewer so it's often one step forward and two back but I think the French seams were worth it.

#indigo #naturalindigodye #slowtextiles

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