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Almost 7 hours in emerg, so many tests, and pneumonia later at least the photos turn out good 😷

Stick out your tongue girls wanna have fun @emilymwadden

Back to going out a lot again....oops :)

Say hello to my drunk eyes


Happy vday to my best friend who is also my boyfriend I love you as much as you love the Arkells #🧀


#bellletstalk one thing that not many people other then close friends know is that I really struggle with mental illness a lot and it effects me on a daily basis which has led to me my poor attendance in school and giving up all activities and being “sick” very often it’s something that I’ve truly always hated talking about but I’ve realized that I can’t let it ball up because it leads to coping mechanisms that aren’t good for you and substance abuse was one that I definitely took advantage of like being drunk and high everyday and even drinking as soon as I’d wake up and it was a lot worse then anyone truly knew and I’ve done some very stupid things and have definitely hurt people along the way because of my own hurting but eventually I’ve learned that everything gets better and if you get the help you need weather that’s medication or therapy and if you surround yourself with the right people who actually truly care about you and support you anyone can get through anything and one thing a lot of people worry about is image but honestly be happy, laugh and who gives a fuck. I finally feel like my self again after about six years find yourself ❤️ and thanks so much to my main supporters love you both @ohogan97 @emilymwadden



Sky’s the limit @st_johns.portraits

Another picture with another teddy coat

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