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Joana Duarte  🐘

Don't loose the sparkle that makes you, You

Let's travel and get lost in beautiful places

Wherever your travels take you, the moon is always there🌜 ❤️

Whisky wounds and vodka scars, she laughs like wind and spins like stars. But night will find her heart as stone for every night she sleeps alone

Don't understimate the healing power of these three things: music, the ocean and a book

Durma pelado sem medo de ser feliz e coma sobremesa antes do prato principal e ria de quem faz cara séria pra tudo e leve a vida do jeito mais leve possivel

This is the beginning of anything you want

Would you really wanna mess with us?

Wild soul ✨🐚

If it excites you and scares you at the same time, it might be a good thing to try

Chasing the sun 🐚✨

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