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Joan McMillan Witte  Writer, avid gardener, animal lover... grammar maven. Interested in geology, volcanoes, dinosaurs, beautiful gardens and jazz music.

@rlwitte1 and I are finding Kliban to be increasingly ... proactive... in seeking 8 meals a day. Here he is, looking for more food between his afternoon tea-time feeding (which follows first and second breakfast, AM snack, and first and second lunch) and first dinner (which precedes second dinner and late night snack). 🙄

New iris: Curvy Course.

So excited... actually managed to grow some dahlias this year! By which I mean “I did nothing but at least didn’t kill them.” We must celebrate even our small accomplishments.

Former feral Kliban has quickly adapted to a more luxurious lifestyle. Here he is on his chaise longue on the covered patio. He lives indoors now but goes out to help us garden. 🐈 🌺

Here’s kind of a size comparison between Banda and Chumley. Banda is an average sized cat. Now you may think the size difference is just due to distance and perspective, but their backs are actually against each other here. Chumley’s a lot bigger than Banda!

Banda is about 10 years old. After a very affectionate and playful kittenhood and young adulthood, she became incredibly shy. We think she was being bullied by our Siamese, Patton, who died in 2010; and later by Our Bengal, who got picked on by our big Maine Coons and took it out on Banda (nothing violent, just chasing her—enough to cow a very timid cat). Kachin is now living happily with my sister and her smaller cats, and Banda is really coming out of her shell. She really likes snuggling with other kitties but the MCs and Spotley (Maine Coon Wannabe) don’t quite know what to make of her timid advances. They don’t react badly, just more surprised and maybe uncomfortable due to ambient warm temps which make snuggling uncomfortable. Nonetheless, she’s feeling increasingly emboldened by the lack of hostilities. So she just came over and basically lay down on Chumley’s head. Out of stubbornness, laziness or politeness, he didn’t move himself or push her away, but began contorting himself to be able to breathe where there was little room for his head. Fortunately he has a very flexible neck. 🤗

Beautiful Banda is learning at last to tolerate Spotley! And the other day she was snoozing, resting her head on Chumley’s big fluffy butt. She’s gained so much self-confidence lately! 😁👏

Chumley is still new to the bag biz but he’s doing his best. This is only the second one he’s ever shown interest in, and the first he’s ever got into by himself!

Boy Maine Coons are so goofy! Smedley sat for several minutes with his tail in the water. (Chumley dozes off with his muzzle and mane in his water bowl.)

Does anyone else’s cat do this? Heffalump does this daily: sleep under something with his big furry feet sticking out. 🤨

We started bringing Kliban indoors when the weather got so hot. As you can see, he’s miserable.

So yesterday I’m doing laundry and I went into the laundry room to grab something, when something orange catches my eye... and it’s Chumley lying down in the laundry service sink! This is where the (often filthy*) rinse water runs off—you can make out part of the grey pipe by his tail. I guess he thought it was cool there, although just a few feet away there’s a nice cool spot on the tile floor right under an air conditioning vent. 🧐 [*we are gardeners and our clothes (and hence laundry run-off) are always filthy] 🐈

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