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also today: homemade peanut butter. Because in this day and age you’d think it’d be possible to get the crunchy stuff easily enough but NO not in Belgium apparently 🤦‍♀️

ok so I did get out of bed 😁 I don’t get to Berger so much these days as it’s a bit out of my way, but it’ll always be my favourite fabric haunt. Visiting this morning after a rather long time felt a bit like returning to my spiritual sewing home 😂 It’s scruffy, cheap and cheerful but they always amaze me by managing to have the latest must-have fibres - those rolls in the last pic are wicking for sportswear, in rather fab colours!

you’d think that my only errand this morning being a trip to the fabric shop, I wouldn’t have much trouble getting up and about. But oh my word it’s SO. COLD. outside of my bed, let alone outside the house! ❄️

wearing the latest, speeding along on the next #handknitsweater

early start but there are worse ways to begin the weekend than several hours of knitting on trains, coffee at hand and Raymond Chandler in my ears. Kids are happily plugged in to their tablets and we’ll get to my parents in time for lunch! #knitting #knittingontrains #eurostar #allthecoffee #alltheaudiobooks

one of the best things I’ve ever learned is how to fix my #knitting mistakes. Spot a stitch the wrong way round 20 rows back? No problem, just drop it back down and turn it, no frogging needed. I got so much more fearless in my knitting when I realised I could do this! #knittersofinstagram

jumping in with #myfirstsweater! It turned out astonishingly well, although the inside is a hot mess of badly woven in ends right down the front bands - I hadn’t figured out carrying yarn down the rows so just cut it at the end of every stripe 🙈😂 Searching through old blog pics for this photo made me realise how much I miss regularly posting the things I’ve made, as much as a journal of where both I and the sewing world were at as a record of finished projects. I’d love to get back to it but these days committing the time is such a big deal ☹️ #knitting #knittersofinstagram #caramelcardigan

hello 👋 😁

so I got thrown off a horse during a riding lesson with my daughter on Sunday. Thankfully nothing was broken (apart from my ego!) but I’m basically immobilised by muscle pain. On the one hand, ugh, but on the other: knitting, in bed, watching property porn. There are worse ways I could be spending my Tuesday 😆😁 #knitting #knittersofinstagram

brushed flannel twill 💙 is going to make one luxurious dressing gown. Sewing this is slow going in the small chunks of time I’m getting at the mo, but the end is in sight and soon I’ll be wrapping myself in this beautiful stuff from @fabworksmillshop. Lush! #sewing #sunday

Ok so my slice collapsed in the middle but that’s my fault not the recipe. OMG I’m in love with #ottolenghi! 😍😍 And his #ottolenghisweet book is going to be very bad for my waistline... 🍰🎂🥧🍧🍪 #allthedesserts

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