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best beach find so far ⭐️🐠

ahhh a blissful sunny Sunday’s sewing! Putting the finishing touches on my first #landershorts, and while I’m at it I might as well sew the button back on my husband’s trousers, he’s only been waiting a month or so 😂 Life (mainly work) has been SO BUSY these last couple of weeks, it’s done me a power of good to switch off the responsibilities today and just *make*. Aforementioned husband is less than impressed that I’m still in pjs at 6pm and haven’t done anything “useful”, but sometimes that’s just what you gotta do 😁

fennel seed / black sesame. Both DELICIOUS 😋 Apparently I’m only eating desserts today 😆

highly instagrammable birthday breakfast

No. Everything printed on yogi tea bag labels is bollocks #eyeroll

so these culottes a) are made from the softest, most gorgeous & swishy crepe; b) garner exceptional compliments (I look radiant!!); and c) are grown-up trousers without an elastic waist for once. Or wait, are they??? Should you care, the deets on this lovely little pattern are on the blog, linkinprofile etc etc. They’re fabulous!! 😁

back with my awkward faces & poses on the blog again! Today it’s a pair of #closetcasepatterns #morganjeans I’ve been wearing for 2 years and FREE PATTERN ALERT the #grecotee by #ensemblepatterns. Link in profile!

close up / aerial view

lots of #knitting left to go but I can’t help stopping all the time to admire the stripy chevrons

forced the kids out to the park. Cue much whining: “but mummy you only want us to go so you can sit outside knitting!” Yes. Busted.

this Archer shirt has the best buttonholes EVER!! Find out how I did it on the blog, which I just dusted off after almost a year. I’ve been feeling ambivalent about bothering with blogging, or even mini-blogging on instagram, with the algorithm having changed what I see and what that means for how I interact with all you lovely sewists out there. Plus just TIME being in such short supply. But, I like being part of this online community even if sometimes a rather passive one (that’s ok too!) and I’m just going to keep on dropping in and joining in when I can. And I have great affection for my little blog and the record it keeps of what I’ve made and where I’m at. So, hello again. Still here, still making 😘

also today: homemade peanut butter. Because in this day and age you’d think it’d be possible to get the crunchy stuff easily enough but NO not in Belgium apparently 🤦‍♀️

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