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Texture shot + shrinkage😉

My first wash n go using Ego Styler Gel (Coconut Oil)...This is how it looked 3 days later. I added some highlights too😉💁

My first bentonite clay treatment of the year. This stuff really works for 'my' hair, it leaves it unbelievably soft each time I use it.👌 I know this doesn't work for everyone and everyones hair is different.
Before I apply the bentonite treatment to my hair, I do so on wet/damp hair and spritz more (warm) water if I feel my hair is getting dry during the application process.
OIL -I'm extremely generous with my oil choice in my bentonite clay mixture which definitely helps maintain my hairs moisture and maybe assists in the extra softens after rinsing it off. I use EVOO which mixes very well with the ACV and Bentonite clay.

DURATION - Keep the mixture on my hair 20-30mins no longer than that.

MAIN benefits of bentonite clay I've visibly noticed with my hair are that it:
1. Softens hair (leaves my hair feeling so so so SOFT!)
2.Makes detangling easier/faster
3. Cleanses and breaks down scalp buildup (known to get rid of toxins in the scalp)
4. Makes hair appear fuller (as it clumps curls together).
5.Definitely improves the elasticity of my hair (a plus for detangling)
6. Makes my hair much darker like I've dyed it jet black .
7. Defines curls
8. Moisturizes

Amongst a long list of benefits, using bentonite clay has also been known to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth👌

I try and do it at least every two weeks if my hair is easily accessible.

Shrinkage is real even on a stretched out Bantu-knot out😁 I'm very happy and surprised that my hair has retained it's length over the past 1 year and 3months (which was the last time I did a back length check). **Protective styling really WORKS! Also giving your hair a break in between, is just as important.👌

Happy Friday!💕

Stretched twist out 💛

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
His love endures forever🌼Psalms 107.1 🌼

Just taken out my weave, wash day in commence👌😀

Twist out --- texture shot! It's been a while since I last posted. Following the birth of my second child 5 months ago, let's just say, not much has been done to this hair...Its been under crochet styles for the most part..Thank the Lord for Crochet hair👌 And no shedding this time round., I'm a very happy gal..! Well..... I'm still praying it stays that way! 😀

Looks like my hair has not grown much in the past year but it has definitely gotten thicker!😉 Credit goes to trims and protective styling! Health is my #1 goal in my natural hair journey.💜

Happy Friday!!💚

November 2016, light blow-dry out and light flat iron (before trim - front and back view). I plan to do a 4 month shot this month to see the results of protective styling since this photo was taken.

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