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Jeannette  American in Paris (most of the time.) Serving at @thebridgeparis 🐀: jnetcathey | πŸ‘»: jeannettecathey


Hanging out in Nuremberg today before an ARC conference. Germany looks like fantasyland at Disneyland. #lifeimitatesart #artimitateslife πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

Great to be back!

I'm in France! I took a long walk today to help with the jet lag. Heres a pic I took. The end.

Actual photo of me trying to figure out which thing to do first out of the 100 things that need doing before I fly to Paris on Thursday. 🚘🦌 #deerinheadlights #todolist #wheredoibegin

My favorite thing about the eclipse is that it makes you look like you have evil villain fingernails. #eclipse2017 #eclipsehands #handmodel

WE SAW A BEAR...and raccoon prints in the car (whoops), a prairie dog squirrel creature, a hawk, pretty bugs, lots of deer, and some of the most beautiful vistas in the world. Even after what is probably my 20th visit, Yosemite is still my favorite. #yosemite #yosemitenationalpark @yosemitenation

This place never gets old. #yosemite #nature #refresh #vacation

This is my mom. It's her birthday today. Normally I'm not one to make public birthday dedications on social media, but y'all need to know about this woman. One might observe on the surface she's a beautiful class act with gentle spirit. But she is so much more.
She taught me how to talk to strangers (yep), how to stand up for myself (I'm still working on that one), how to be courageous to do my thing, not someone else's thing.
She taught me that building up memories in life is far more important than building up wealth. That commitment requires sacrifice, and that we live with the consequences of our decisions. Heck, she's still teaching me things, like how to use the miter saw and install laminate flooring! (I will never be on her level when it comes to home decoration and DIY!) She loves to laugh, is a fun and loving grandma, supportive as the day is long to her kids, and a rock steady care giver and wife to my dad. A sister, a daughter, an aunt, a boss. But her identity is who she is in Christ.
She works hard at everything she does and sacrifices endlessly for her family. She continues to show up and serve, even when it's hard. Yes, we need her, but even more so we love her because of the amazing person she is.
She is graceful to be sure, but the fierceness within her runs deep. She is my inspiration. She is my Wonder Woman. I'm so thankful God blessed me by allowing me to be her daughter and friend.

Happy Birthday Mom, I love you @sharonmcathey 😘

Actual footage of me returning home after seeing Wonder Woman last night. πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸ»#wonderwoman #kickbutt #yaaaaassss

"Look Aunt Nettie, I have googly eyes." πŸ”ŽπŸ‘€πŸ”
#hilarious #minionwannabe #funnyniecemoments #sillytoddler

Visa rΓ©cΓ©pissΓ© in hand! I'm still a legal French resident. Happy birthday America!

My visa renewal trip happened to coincide with a very special Sunday. Yesterday we honored the Tyson's who are transitioning back to the states, and then instituted Kelly Delp as our new lead pastor.

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