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  Drummer in TESA / tesa.bandcamp.com / Tattooer at Rigas Tinte / @rigastintetattoo

Finally got to finish this one.. @rigastintetattoo

From the other night with @tesa_band ! Photo by Lauris Galsons

Well, maybe i can call myself a tattooer finally, because of the awesome guy known as @catcalledtravis who got this sweet Higgs design tattooed couple weeks ago! Dan Higgs has always been an inspiring artist, and it's sad that there's not so many people/tattooers nowadays who knows the importance and influence he had on tattooing! This is what makes me love what i do! Thanks again @catcalledtravis for a chance to do something like this! See you soon, then!

Pin-up chick done at @elektrisktatovering

Nasty one done at @gatiztattoo for the one and only Gatiz himself..

Quite a while ago..done at @rigastintetattoo for @anebuu ! Lines healed, all else fresh... Paldies!

Done at @gatiztattoo in Lindau a week ago

punkrock! Sweet one couple weeks ago at @rigastintetattoo

Good progress on this sleeve, second session done.. One more to go. Done at @gatiztattoo in Lindau! Thanks, Tomas!

Small filler for @xtadianax ! Done at @gatiztattoo in Lindau! Good times! Thank you, Tadi

Finished this one couple weeks ago at @rigastintetattoo. Some coverups at the top.. A true example of dedication!! Paldies @tomass_l ! More to come..

So, a week ago i had the honor to participate in an interview for the Tattoo Shop Talk video channel dedicated to tattooing, piercing and body modification! The main guy behind it - @jurcis , is actually the reason why i got involved in all this tattooing thing in the first place, and i'm ever thankful to him for that! Check out their channel at youtube and facebook - https://www.facebook.com/officialtattooshoptalk/ for various interviews and related videos! Thanks again, and sorry if most of what i'm talking about might seem like a rubbish to someone! Peace

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