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Janae Michele  AZ🌵to NYC 🌃Former #macgirl💄Current Makeup Hoarder💋Tattoo Collector🌺Dancer💃🏾Dgtl Consultant 💻📱NASM Certified PT💪🏾Motivated By The Fear Of Being Average

Not exactly my tattoo goals but absolutely my “I wanna be an independent badass grown woman” goals. #grownwoman #whenigrowup #shessocool #tattoos #morearecoming #repost @s.u.t.r.a

All a girl needs is pretty shoulders and pretty lips, I always say. JK. I’ve never said that ‘ish in my life. Did tonight though! Shoulders, cardio and @patmcgrathreal for the win! Btw, nothing’s on my arm. Not sure what that is.

I should be studying. I should be planning. I should be recording videos and writing out a content calendar. But you know what I’m doin? Shopping for @originalfunko. #blackpanther of course but did y’all know that Coming To America, the best movie ever, is coming out as #funkopop figures? And the other best movie’s heroine (out of many) arrived today. Yay! Now work. Of some sort. #madmaxfuryroad #imperatorfuriosa

Literally me in sewing class. Cause apparently “clipping” means “cutting” except they don’t say “cutting”. They say “clipping” which doesn’t mean the same as “clipping” paper together. With a paper clip. #themoreyouknow #sometimesimsmart #andthensometimes ... #moodfabrics

Update: Never mind, y’aIl. Tehehe 🤷🏾‍♀️😛

@ivylg_msfit @amiralamb This. To sum it up.

Sometimes I’m computer proficient. And then sometimes...😬 #idontlivestream #no

There’s layers to this shit.
#Repost @jennagalbut with @get_repost
"Good" & "Bad" are subjective concepts
Right & Wrong can be objective
Leave the societal conditioning behind
Go after what's moral
What's aligned with truth & compassion
What gives way to light
If following the rules, standards, or expectations from your family, culture, or world will lead you further away from what's right; be a rebel.
Better to stand alone in the light of love than be applauded for living amongst the dark.
Often our world tells us that for doing something "wrong"
we're "a good girl"
And sometimes for doing something "right"
We're told we're "a bad boy"

Often when we're innocent
We're told we're guilty
Often when we're guilty
We're told we're innocent

This is how and why some people can do evil acts and feel fine.
Many nazis felt like what they were doing was "good"... because the authority figures, friends, family, and culture around them used propaganda, forms of manipulation, and the reward of belonging to entice them into shucking off their moral compass & committing heinous acts of violence.
Right now... people who are racist, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic, even people carrying out genocides, etc,
might feel like what they're doing & what they believe is "good"...
Because it comes with the reward of "belonging"

They probably grew up in a system (family, society, culture, world) that subliminally asked them to obey the wrong rules.
Their whole lives they were conditioned to believe, think, feel, & act on those wrong rules and impulses.
They were also probably positively reinforced by their parents, friends, teachers, preachers, authority figures etc.
They were rewarded when they agreed with the status quo and they were punished & outcasted when they tried sticking up for what they knew in their hearts was right.

You have to have a certain amount of personal integrity and courage to care more about what's moral, compassionate, and right and care less about being rewarded with belonging in order to do what's right in a world that asks you to do wrong.

Even if you believe that it's better to stand alone than to belong to a clan doing harm, it still takes a

Just gonna...just gonna leave this here. #mlk

Noted. “You are who you associate with.”

Yup. Everything is $75. That event, those shoes, those tattoos...They’re all $75. No more, no less.

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