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Jesse Le  Lincoln to Los Angeles The guy that dances and more.. jmov3ment@gmail.com


Just to remind me. 📸: @smilesbysteeve

October’s just starting and so am I. 📸: @itsjetography

Letting your mind and body rest is just as important as working it. If I’m not choreographing, I’m still visualizing, building and training on my craft - I give myself a break every now and then. Only to come back even more creatively and focused. Just wait until these next round of pieces! 📸: @smilesbysteeve

Reflecting on what a summer it's been. Shout out to @leboysam for the photos and flying in from Paris!

If I could go back to Sunday I would, minus the 100 degrees inside the studio. My first workshop from @brianpuspos and @ian_eastwood was in 2013. Crazy how life works 'cuz my first workshop since moving to LA was also with these guys. Only this time with @lylebeniga as well, another person I look up to. Somehow survived until the end of 3 classes without any food inside my body..not my smartest decision. 😅 The vibes and knowledge I soaked in made it all worthwhile. I'm happy it was for a good cause. All proceeds went towards @globalgiving - FOR HOUSTON! 🤘🏻

The new dance project that's released on my YouTube! #slowloveandbangin by @brianpuspos and choreography by yours truly. Please watch the whole thing and support. You can find it in my bio! We spent hours on what you can now see as a 3 minute video. @itsjetography gots the heat, don't sleep. Share this everywhere for me!!! 🙏🏻 #steezyvotd

My 2 in 1 tribute to #slowloveandbangin is out! Sorry for the delay, if only y'all knew how much went into all of this. Thank you @brianpuspos for always being an inspiration to me. Also for bringin' back some REAL r&b music. Hope you all enjoy this body of work because I'm already getting ready for more. The link is in my bio. One time for my boy @itsjetography for the cinematography and editing, MVP! @vgxog #steezyvotd

Sunday will be my latest project in honor of #slowloveandbangin - I can't wait to share this one with y'all, stay tuned! 📷: @itsjetography

Give my brotha' (@meaty.h) a happy birthday! Wish I was home to spend it with you, but there'll be plenty of time to do that down the road. Hope you have a good day!

LA - in awe of everything this city has to offer. All God's plan. 📷: @itsjetography

Moving away from home is one of the hardest things ever, but duty calls. I'll miss you Lincoln. Be back sooner than later. #asummerbetterthanothers #cuemissmebydrake 📷: @itsjetography

"Sometimes I dream bigger than I live."

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