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Jesse Le  Just a guy from Lincoln, Nebraska.

A freestyle to ‘Fallin’ Out’ by @keyshiacole - this song was one of the first that I choreographed back in 2010 haha - the warmups before the pieces 😜

Flow so DiCaprio. Another reason why I grew my hair out again. Btw go check out @itsjetography new YouTube video, link is in his bio! Vibes will make you wish you were at the beach lol

It’s all about the balance. Like when to dance and when to play Fortnite 😬 📸: @itsjetography

Each day is a fresh start. Go out and get yours. 📸: @itsjetography

Happy Easter everyone! The Lord has risen! 📸: @tyheadlee

Malibu Beach was mesmerizing. I can say that on behalf of @jalenjetturner @jordorehurek and @tyheadlee - I’ll be back to conquer the ocean.

Freestyle session with @proseborough - an hour and a half of songs on shuffle lol My inner 5 year old fanboy was unleashed right here. @nsync - No Strings Attached. I had every album back then just know. #NSYNC

Everyone go wish my brother @_quangd a happy birthday! Miss you man. Hit him up if you want nude drawings of yourself!

If all I see is me then who should I be afraid of. 📸: @itsjetography

I can say this was a successful spontaneous snowboarding trip at Big Bear. Especially since it was for the birthday boy @logan_shroyer - Too many moments that I’m going to miss. Just know it was hideous lol. Forgive me, everyone that saw us be us. Thank you to the boyz for everything! That squad house better come soon. Until the next trip! #goodmangood #loganandkaydenknowseverywordtonxggasinparis #joelsaidsomethangs #watchoutforprosefinger #tyalwaysinthebathroom #jalenthenextshaunwhite #offroadinggonewrongwithkevin #dretooyoungjkhecoo

Shreddin’ the gnar! 🏂 📸: @itsjetography

Random camera roll freestyle session of me awhile ago in Florida. We had energy surprisingly to jam out right after my class. First time teaching out there, hearing this song, all that. Might have to come visit again soon lol @nuash_wb @_quangd #semdancing #shauntaughtmebadwords

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