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Dani  24/💗💛💙/NYC I like to cosplay, Digimon, Inazuma, Yugioh and Voltron. I also make a lot of typos...

Back to the boring black hair. Sometimes it’s blue. I call it the kouichi kimura color

Went to #Flamecon as Abigail from #sagasofsundry madness and no one recognized me but that’s okay. It’s comfy. I also dig this look
Since LCAC was 7 minutes away I went there for a while to see friends. One person actually recognized who I was cosplaying there lol

I don’t have anything new, but it’s Odaiba day and it would be very concerning if I didn’t put anything today .
#digimon #digimonadventure #odaibamemorialday #takerutakaishi #yamatoishida #soratakenouchi #koushiroizumi #hikariyagami #taichiyagami

This sure is soothing. Wish I could stay like this all day #catsofinstagram

So this was a look. Went to pride with actual makeup my Pan knee highs, Demi button and a tiny patamon on my pocket cause why not.

And no one saw me lol #digimon #nycpride2018

I love Vacation Santa at pride #nycpride2018 #prideparade2018

So a dragonfly decided to land on my phone. He was very chill and was there for a few minutes.
He didn’t want to go anywhere.
Had to softly poke it so i could use it for a while.
What are the chances of that landing on me in a crowded Times Squares?

Gardening: good for your yard, bad for your back 🌸🌺

Besides falling down the stairs, another thing I seem to do in digi cosplays is nap on people .
#digimon #digimonadventure #digimonfrontier #takerutakaishi #hikariyagami #kouichikimura

The secret to Matt’s wonderful hair? His brother does it for him.
#digimonadventure #animenext2018 #takerutakaishi #yamatoishida

This is my favorite game: Find Matt #digimon #digimonadventure #animenext2018

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