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Joey➖Online Coach  🇮🇹🇵🇷24 🏋🏽Online coach 🏆Classic physique 👕Ryderwear athlete(Joey10) 💊Revlabs athlete Coaching/Model inquires⬇️ 📧jmont_fitness@yahoo.com


From having the hardest time getting over 170lbs in men’s physique to easily holding 200lbs in classic physique in just under 3 years(33months to be exact)👌🏽
You don’t have to know what drives me because it won’t work for you, just have a starting point with no finish line in sight nor mind because you aint finished until the big man upstairs calls on you but until that time you better give your all until your last fucking breath fam.💯

Looking for the next thing to change your life⁉️
Try starting with you.👌🏽

I want you all to start standing up for yourself by doing something for you no matter how many heads you turn in the process.

Too many opportunities such as careers, relationships and roads left untraveled to be wasted on because of the self doubt inflicted on you from the opinions of others.

So i challenge you this year to throw away that stubborn thought process of what people think about you and really just begin to start doing you, don’t hold anything back, just have it because it’s YOUR life.👌🏽
@ryderwear @ryderwearshoes

A cross between a insta chick butt pic and in search of the legendary massthetics.🔥
@revlabs 🔴

Back to my very first photo release from @themichaeldowns , we’re in the works again so turn post notifications ON!✅↗️
Who wants to see a photo shoot?📸

No filter, no edit keeping it simple with massthetics💪🏽

Finding my classic touch👌🏽

Mind over matter but add a touch of a @revlabs dad hat on top and you’re doing it just right.

Give this bicep superset a try on your next arm day!💪🏽
The results will leave you with a savage gorilla pump as long as you eat your bananas before the workout, if not you might just go bananas!🍌🦍
@ryderwear @ryderwearshoes ❤️

Best bulk yet.🦍
@revlabs 💯

Start turning your back to what holds you back.💪🏽

Don’t look over your shoulder and certainly don’t think twice because life will filter what and who should be in it. Stop the stressful thoughts of your future job, next relationship or where you might live in the next few years annnd instead work so hard in the NOW that you forget about those once troubling thoughts.

I promise life will get better, no matter what position you’re currently in a daily effort towards a goal simply can’t be beat and as long as you refuse to as well you will not either.💯
Now who’s got my back?😎

Let’s get real with it.👌🏽
A lot of people in the fitness industry use their platforms for ONLY their benefit. You might think/believe they want to help you and that they aren’t running gear all year long to keep the crazy chizzled physique they claim to work so hard for but in the end results speak for themselves right? That’s why so many of you are so quick to listen and give in as long as their “followers” are high because you only see what they want to post which is typically only the “good stuff” that gets likes..Smh 🤦‍♂️
So for the haters and for the people that truly want to see the real behind what goes on here we are at a 4 month transformation to my current state on the right bulking. Getting wider, thicker and my favorite word to describe myself “fluffy” haha but in all honesty idc what anyone thinks, i love the way i progress because I’m always willing to work harder than those who only look to find a way around the struggles while i embrace them. This is a journey so stop trying to figure out the fucking short cuts because you’re going to miss the damn ride that we call LIFE!💯
@revlabs 💊

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