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Nature and stuff

This is a matcha green tea parfait with soft/hard green tea ice cream, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, a wafer, green tea cake, red bean, tapioca, corn flakes and pudding. Deceased.

This cute Japanese shop sold onigiri 🍙 and it had us feelin' anime af

Fun fact: Did you know they brought jellyfish into space? Look it up.

BTS I crawled under a flower bush and got my dress wet for this photo -----------------------------------------------
Side note: click the link in the bio description to follow my adventures in YVR on VSCO

It's unicorn season

I don't normally like dark eyeshadow but today I fux wit it

♡ bb jess + jordan #tb

I will miss you so so much Missy ☹ ♥ you'll kill your practicum in GP and then come back home to open your own clinic, which means free dentures when I'm 80 right?

First comes love ✓ then a house ✓
Next up, marriage and a baby carriage!
Happy housewarming my Chrisama ♡

Assess the PQRSTU of our drunkness level #babynurses

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