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Justin Frank  Its just a hop, jump, and a skip! #PaintYourOwnDay #PaintYourOwnNight

Finally all settled in, in the new building. My new little office/lab space was looking kind of bare but my little Godson hooked me up with some original artwork and a pic of us! It's amazing this kid is only 2 and he totally gets it already! He themed and called one of his masterpieces he did for me as #PaintYourOwnDay / #PaintYourOwnNight! Absolutely brilliant Massimo! Always remember kiddo, you get what you make out of it! You keep this up and with your name who knows, you might be the next #Caravaggio #Giorgione #Masaccio or whatever your little meatball heart desires! Thanks again buddy, these will make the work days better and go by faster!

What can I say, dogs and I just get each other! #TheUltimateStareDown

Getting ready to fuck up the day! #JediStyle

Not good pics cause I was driving but these two are some impressive city bucks! #Deer #Bucks #OhioBucks

Homemade #RomanBurger night!

Dropped off a couple more projects for Rick @ #GallupsFineArt Going to start switching out some of my old prints with black frames to match my newer wooden ones! The Phish #Vegas poster is my all time favorite! Not sure who the artist who did this is but absolutely love this one from that infamous run out in the desert! From Trey being so gone out of his mind back then he almost fell off the stage holding his head leaving for set break! He lost his voice that whole weekend! Lol To Ck5 having to miss that run because of family issues and ended up having Dave Mathews light guy who SUCKED! A lot of great memories from that Crazy Ass Long Vegas weekend @MikeAnderson Haha 😆 I took better care of this poster through all the Phish post Vegas shenanigans then you did your only pair of pants! #CountryFriedSteakRunningDownTheLeg 😂😜 The other is a Stanley Mouse One More Saturday Night print that my parents bought me one Christmas in high school over 20 years ago! These are going to look rad! #Phish #GratefulDead #StanleyMouse #Mouse #SeeTheCitySeeTheZoo

Got my artwork back and framed from Rick @ #GallupsFineArt and as always it came back ridiculous looking! Love this frame that he's been hooking me up with the last few years! Not real big into the plain black frames anymore and needed something gnarly looking for my #GratefulDead and #Phish concert posters! This is perfect, it's looks a little weathered and like it's been hanging around for a while and maybe has a story or two to tell! Definitely has some layers to it just like the bands I love ❤️! It's kinda like the story inside the story.

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