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Jérôme Mastio  Cancer biology postdoctoral fellow - The Wistar Institute - Philadelphia Born and raised in Strasbourg, France Weightlifting and flexible diet

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And a big thanks @cyxlin for the picture 😉

🇫🇷 Une agréable manière de finir la journée !
Pour ce burger j'ai assumé que c'était autour de F : 54.5 / C : 72 / P : 65 (j'ai pris les valeurs nutritives de chaque Ingredient séparément en me basant sur une chaîne de burgers d'ici).
Pareil pour la bretzel géante F : 0 / C : 140 / P : 28 (environ 2 bretzels individuelles d'une autre chaîne).
Et pour la bière, cette pinte est à 200 calories, lesquelles ont été soustraites de mon apport journalier en glucides (-50 g ; le site ratebeer donne le nombre de calories).
Il est toujours possible d'être social er de sortir sans ruiner sa diète. Cela demande juste un peu de préparation et bien sûr de se garder un bon stock des calories journalières pour cet événement. 🇺🇸 A nice way to end up the day !
For this burger I assumed it was around F : 54.5 / C : 72 / P : 65 (by using individual components nutrition values from the Counter Burger chain).
The giant pretzel was around F : 0 / C : 140 / P : 28 (2 pretzels from the Philly Pretzel Factory chain).
And finally the beer was 200 calories, removed from my carbs daily intake (so C : 50 ; ratebeer website gives the caloric content of beers).
It's still possible to get social and going out without losing track. It just requires a bit of planning ahead and saving some calories for that specific event.
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Individual Baked Prosciutto Macaroni And Cheese Pots
This recipe has been modified (slightly 😉) from @simply_scratch.
So who used to say that French people cannot make so called comfort food because we don't really have it overseas ? 😉
C : 56 / F : 56 / P : 33 (per pot)
Next time however I will try a bit more healthy recipe and try to stash some veggies underneath 😁
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Too pretty for this Alsacian apple pie to be eaten isn't it ?
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Well I will need to tell to my boss that I couldn't access my publications to read tonight...
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Let's spice up this turkey chili a lil bit...🌶
Half hour turkey chili a bit modified from
For the whole dish : C : 132 / F : 36 / P : 140
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Time for the pre-workout snack :
40 g of whey from Legion Athletics
1 honey nut Cheerios bar
101 g of golden raisins
2 scoops of Essential Amino Energy from Optimum Nutrition
F : 4 / C : 109 / P : 37
I always try to have 30-40 g of protein before working out, as well as a big chunk of my daily carbs.
I limit fats in order to don't be too much bloated during the workout, as fats slow down the digestion.
And the pre-workout mix gives me a good kick with its 100 mg caffeine content as well as some BCAAs.
I used to take Pulse form Legion Atlhletics but its high caffeine content didn't leave room for my morning coffee, and that's a no way for me 😉
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Something that I like to cook : stuffed pan seared flatbreads !
Your imagination is the only limit !
Here a savory one with lean ground turkey, tomato sauce and reduced fat four cheese mexican blend (C : 26 F : 17 P : 41).
And a sweet one with fresh diced strawberries, chocolate chips and fat free cream cheese (C : 46 F : 7 P : 24).
#flexiblediet #iifym #ifitfitsyourmacros #gymlife #fitnesslife #mealprep

Today she told me : dad you have big muscles ! What about mine ?!
So this declaration had to be accompanied by a flex picture together 😉
#dadanddaughter #mylove #flex

Don't be afraid of eating out...
The most important is to try to be accountable for what you're gonna eat by trying to estimate the macros as precisely as possible...
However for better results try to limit eating out 1 or 2 times per week, as this is only an estimation.
Use the nutrition data from chains to help you : here I used the breakfast chain Ihop.
It turned out to be around G : 99 / F : 58 / P : 53.
Let your life dictate your diet not the opposite 😉
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Quelques jours de repos passés à Los Angeles en compagnie de ce vieux fou ! Super content de t'avoir revu après plus de 3 ans !!
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