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Recently participated in a Star Wars mini swap in one of my #crossstitch groups. So my stitching on the sides to make sure the back didn't go anywhere isn't the greatest but I think it turned out pretty awesome anyway! I can share now that I know my persom received it!

Landon's last soccer practice means kids vs. parents. And this mama is gassed but I didn't die! Final game tomorrow morning! #springsoccer #thatsawrap #pataskala #pra #mamadidwork #orsomething #iwasntterrible #ididntdie #thatswhymamahasshinguards #illbeatthepoolinafew #whoreadshashtagsanyway

Is it really possible that this child will graduate high school in just 7 short years? 😢😢😢 #timeslowdownplease #EthanMatthew #classof2025 @medicmanks @bubbydoo__2007

Sorry for the blurriness of this one. But this was from his class picture, taken the same day as the one posted a few minutes ago. I guess he can smile normal... #sillyboy #EthanMatthew

Y'all. I can't even. This boy just cannot smile like a normal person sometimes. #FireMarshalBillstrikesagain #JimCarreyreleaseyourholdonmychild #3yearsofsillysmiles #EthanMatthew #forgivemechilditsfunny

So... most people don't know that I #crossstitch but I do. I don't very often because life, but I've gotten into it more since we moved in September. This was my 3rd swap from a FB group I'm in. It was a literary themed swap and my person quoted Robert Fulguhm's "All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten." I LOVED the quote so much I just had to stitch it. Couldn't find a pattern, so I bought $5 pattern from Etsy for the hands and chose/arranged the fonts around it. I ended up lovingthe pattern so much I plan to stitch it for our home too.
The best part... this is her response. Y'all... it is the #littlethings like seeing how much joy this piece brought to a complete stranger.
It takes $0 to be a decent human being, to be kind and to show compassion. The world needs more love and understanding and to #holdhands and #sticktogether

And in the blink of an eye, we have an 11 year old. Happy birthday #EthanMatthew I hope you know how much you are loved, my sweet, sensitive, silly boy. #excusethemess

Matt's out shoveling the driveway. Again. There's a road out there somewhere too #snowpocalypse2018

Ferb needed a quick sugar rush and now finds himself locked in Papa Bill's gumball machine... #sillyelf #elfontheshelf #Christmas

Guess who was at Nana's house when we got in late last night? #latepost #elfontheshelf #Christmas #Christmasvacation

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