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Jordan Ma 

I just watched the most beautiful concert of any genre in my life. It was two hours of intimate experience with my own emotions. The best way to describe is if you simultaneously felt all those feelings expressed in the most powerful scenes of a great movie - real sadness, bare love, simple appreciation, nostalgia, regret - all intertwining at once. In Interstellar when Matthew Mcconaughey returns after 10 minutes on the stunning giant planet and realizes 50 years had passed back on Earth as he watched messages from his daughter. In Braveheart when Mel Gibson makes love to the French princess before his inevitable execution. In Crouching Tiger and Last of the Mohicans, when they fall to infinity through the clouds along exquisite cliffs. Visually lavishing, emotionally sorrowful, but narratively peaceful. If you felt all these scenes at once in relation to your own life. I relived all the happy and sad of all my past relationships. And I’ve come out spiritually refreshed. @olafurarnalds


“Look at yourself; not your imagination or anything dealing with past or future, but at your own beingness. It is all you are and it is everything.” #nisargadattamaharaj #馬 #ducheval pc: @jeffurie

If you’re in Asia and really miss me you can go feel my essence at 鴉埠咖啡 Yaboo Cafe in Taipei where I’ve got a few big tiger paintings hanging 🐯🌸🛑 #manyaeons

The primary ingredients for optimal creative flow: A good night’s rest, sunlight, fresh strawberries and blossoming peonies. Courtesy of @weekndpat

New #logo design 🔥🦅
[ Laboratory for Applied Visual Analytics ]

A favorite art piece encountered recently: “雨に消える椅子 Chair Disappears in the Rain” by @tokujinyoshioka

Ethereal forms providing a glimpse of formless purity, unobscured by the materialism of Roppongi. Sitting there I feel like a higher-dimensional being observing a simple strange world.

Super thrilled we caught the final day of the show. @jamesjeanart on a whole different dimension ❄️🔥✨

Three Temptable Tigers Series, Phase 3,
Acrylic, 130 x 89 cm

Three Temptable Tigers Series, Phase 2,
Acrylic, 130 x 89 cm

Three Temptable Tigers Series, Phase 1,
Acrylic, 130 x 89 cm

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