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Jessica Erickson-Allora Prints  beach loving, burrito eating, creative mama to 3 wild boys and 1 baby GIRL! this is my journal of motherhood- owner/allora handmade & allora prints.

sd locals: we found a fun spot today!@ecovivarium in Escondido let's you interact with a wide variety of animals (mostly reptiles) and provides tons of info for curious little minds.
The boys were in heaven, and Ivy tried to squeeze the animals and trash the place 😬. #ithoughtagirlwouldbecalmer #shesnot 😬
Swipe for more fun pics.

silly girl was terrified of the ocean when we first got to the beach today and then didn't want to leave in the end. maybe it was the sand buffet that changed her mind. #ivyeatssand 😬

Am a fan of: big brothers, sunny zoo days, baby bellies, and alllllll. those. dimples. 😍

we've never been big on grand romantic gestures, but this... this do-the-dishes-when-I'm-tired, build-me-shelves-for-all-my-junk, bring-me-surprise-acai-bowls-for-lunch kind of love? It's my favorite kind. All the 😍s for you, babe.

13 years ago that man right there asked me out for Valentine's Day.
And I said no 😬 (I had a good reason!!!). I never could have imagined what saying yes to him would have looked like, but I'm so grateful for the choice to love each other nearly every day since. What amazing things (namely those 4 munchkins) have come from that first Valentine's Day! Love you for loving me @clintmerickson and for multiplying that love x 4. ❌❀❌❀

Procrastinators unite! V day snuck up on me this year!
I'm sort of freaking out b/c I totally remember having a little crush that got extra hearts on their valentine by the time 4th grade rolled around. Pretty sure Owen is oblivious, but I may be paying extra attention to the ones the girls give him this year πŸ˜±πŸ™…πŸ½πŸ’ͺ🏽

My New Years goal was to have more fun with my kids. Sort of sad that I had to make it a goal and sort of sad that it is so hard for me to remember. But I'm trying! And I always end up so happy that I tried 😊. #calvinbrave

Let's be honest, I'd buy pretty much anything that kid was selling! 😍 #calvinbrave

teach 'em young πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ. Thanks for sharing your bounty, grammy! πŸŠπŸ‹πŸŠ @syndimendi

they were born this way- every last one of them- needing adventure and craving wild. for now we don't have acres and acres of our own for them to explore, but we do our best to let them loose as often as possible and to get down and dirty with the things that make them feel alive- dirt, creatures, water, sunshine, whatever it takes to make the magic of childhood.
for today: ponds filled to the brim with tadpoles, and lots and lots of mud on the trails behind our house.
More in stories... including Ivy squishing tadpoles sans shirt 😬.

when mom jumps on the trampoline, she makes you take family selfies. #andmaybepeesherpantsalittle. 😳#eww #anothertrampolineselfie

you're going to want to zoom in on that face. Most scrumptious dimples I've ever seen! #ivy_june πŸ“·: @clintmerickson