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Jenna Schwarz  20 ~ Simi Valley CA/Rexburg ID ~ BYU-Idaho '19 graphic design is my passion 🌼🌼🌼 @jennaschwarz_art

Perks of interning in Hollywood is driving two blocks after work to meet Scooby Doo, see the cast of Supernatural, and the Mystery Machine and Baby up close #dreamcometrue

PEEP my duck socks 🦆🦆🦆

A banana in its natural habitat

Second time seeing @thesamtsui, first time getting to ride on his back #dreamcometrue

First anime convention in non-anime cosplays (Also I met KK Slider and the Belcher parents so #lifemade)
#animelosangeles #ala

Ice cream + Spongebob = A dream come true

In 2017, I got my first job, lost my best friend Poopy, tried Chinese food for the first time, got an internship, and learned how to make bomb hamburgers. The year had it's highs and lows but the people in it and the friendships I've made are so important to me, so here's to you guys and here's to a great 2018

Classic Kaylana showing up to Skype 2 hours late
Omg I miss my best friend so much only 6 more months til she's home

Friendsmas 2k17 with my fav squad and our poppin gingerbread house

On my way home from semester number 5 rn and I can now say that next month I'll be starting a graphic design internship with StyleHaul down in LA! #gettingmylifetogether #soexcited

Casually dying in the 8° weather this morning
PC: @socklesslifestyle

Super lit friendsgiving trip to San Diego is just what I needed to get through the rest of the semester #officiallyaddictedtoescaperooms #thankyouforbeingafriend #friendsgiving #idasnow #3moreweeks